Or competitor? Saw 4 in a row on Las Vegas Strip. They looked AWESOME even under wraps. TOTALLY different from what everyone has been seeing. 99.9% sure is an X. Sorry, don't know how to post pictures. Doesn't seem to work.

Try this

leh22a | 1 settembre 2015

Post them! Post them!

vandacca | 1 settembre 2015

Check out the Tesla Forum's Tricks and Tips for instructions on how to post photos. | 1 settembre 2015

Hey folks, have you seen Bjørn Nyland's latest video? In it he shows the configurator for the MXP90D:

You will love this, although the price for this beast is $145K!

jacksiart | 1 settembre 2015

@ George - Thanks for posting this! You are always on top of the latest.

rossRallen | 1 settembre 2015

Thanks, George. Our first look! A very informative video from Bjørn.

Some comments:

Note the spoiler outline on the rear deck

20" wheels - I hope they survive all the potholes on CA roads. Was going with 19".

I hope it doesn't come 3rd row seats standard. I don't need them. Rather have storage below the cargo deck.

Too bad there isn't a light Sig color like a metallic champagne. The Sig Red looks nice: a bit more subdued than the full-on Multicoat Cop Magnet Red.

Now waiting for the call... Pretty soon I won't have anything to complain about.

AwaitingX | 1 settembre 2015

still puzzled. The pictures doesn't look like the real one. Real one looks AWESOME!

Ankit Mishra | 1 settembre 2015

Its not a X.

Eric | 2 settembre 2015

Definitely not a model X. It's too long, too tall, not sleek enough and... you can see the rather substantial grill in one of those pictures.

AwaitingX | 2 settembre 2015

Did you see the towel on the dash covering the big screen top? I saw the big screen through the passenger window but not pictured.

timf2001 | 2 settembre 2015

It looks like the new Chrysler minivan. Supposed to be available as a PHEV, hence the EV tag on the back. Tesla has never put this much camo on the Model X, and wouldn't start now this close to release.

AwaitingX | 2 settembre 2015

My 2nd guess would be a Mercedes because of the back light. It does feel like an expensive SUV. My other guess is that they are doing long distance testing. The tags are from Michigan. They do seem like they have gone through the desert. They are traveling with 4 vehicles to minimize risk.

Maxxer | 2 settembre 2015

Tesla would never go in Vegas from Fremont to show Model X wrapped like a sandwich

jordanrichard | 2 settembre 2015

Sorry, not an X. The X has continuous glass from the base of the windshield to up and over the front passengers. In that first picture, you can see where the white roof begins. Also, that second picture shows a vehicle with what appears to be a New York license plate. Also the driver's door shows the window to be an in frame window.

CeeTwo | 2 settembre 2015

The Michigan license plate should be a clue - not a Tesla.

vandacca | 2 settembre 2015

Also, you can see the swirly camouflage wrap. Tesla has never used that type of camouflage.

Ankit Mishra | 2 settembre 2015

Yes, those things are hideous. | 2 settembre 2015

I agree with the doubters. The Michigan tags are a giveaway. The wheels don't look like Tesla. Too boxy to be Model X and the tail lights don't match. Ford has the rectilinear Flex and the Explorer that are about that size. They may have hybridized the Explorer but the tail lights don't match. Chrysler and Dodge tail lights don't match. The Enclave lights don't match. Jeep lights don't match. It's a mystery.