All wired up, all i need is a car

All wired up, all i need is a car

Today i ordered the Nema connector for my Model X, and although i used a contractor recommended by Tesla, he said that this was the first one he had done for a Model X and he called Tesla to see if there was anything different in the set up for the X, and they said it will be the same.
Looking forward to delivery around September, sig reservation#1225, at least i can look at the plug in the wall!

Napoleonblownapart | 26 giugno 2015

We are Signature #1181 and have been waiting for YEARS!!! Finally broke down and got a Model S to drive while waiting. We like it so much, I guess we will keep BOTH Teslas when the X arrives. I am DYING to see the Model X configuration page. At least we will be able to see what options and colors are available. Hang in there!

gerardP | 26 giugno 2015

Lucky fellows!
I have signature #280 in Europe and will be dying probably until December...

modelx2015 | 26 giugno 2015

I have had my nema 14-50 plug in the garage for about a year now. I thought the X would have been here by now. Reservation 968x

Brian H | 26 giugno 2015

The long slow dying is painful, but the revivification experience makes it worth the agony.

ernie | 26 giugno 2015

My 14-50 plug is now 8 years old but still in fabulous shape. Every night when the current guzzler comes in it either sighs or goes back to taking a nap. Today solar panels kicked out 88 kWh.

ken | 27 giugno 2015

July 13th.

Ankit Mishra | 27 giugno 2015

Do you have some secret inside information ? You seem to be really confident of this date.

Brian Vicars | 27 giugno 2015

I have my 80 amp service cable run 1/3 of the way to my garage as of last week (85' total run 18" under Unilock paved backyard). A lot of work, but I am enjoying it in anticipation of my Signature X Canadian reservation #71. My anticipated delivery December 7th 2015.

ken | 27 giugno 2015

I don't, but I am.

aesculus | 27 giugno 2015

I am in the process of evaluating putting in a dedicated 100 amp panel and meter for my X. I don't want to interfere with my current rate plan (PG&E E7) and my 200 amp panel is nearing the max anyway.

My transformer is real close to the garage and the overhead wires to the garage are short. Hopefully they can feed both panels.

This way I can be on a dedicated rate plan for the BEV and also not worry about charging at higher rates when needed.

jeff | 27 giugno 2015

I've got my NEMA 14-50 ready to go in the garage. Pulled power for two of them, just in case... Still have to install the contactor module so that the Model X doesn't overload the standby generator.

I looked into time-of-day metering. My energy is flat-rate here, and there's not a huge discount for time-of-day metering. Not enough to make it make sense, anyway.

Brian Vicars, can you share your rationale for Dec. 7th?

Brian Vicars | 28 giugno 2015

I think production will start on the second week of October. Since there are approximately 1,200 US sigs, 500 EU & 50 Canadian, My sig will be manufactured with the first 2,000 vehicles. I estimate it will take 4 weeks to ramp up the X line to full production. 500 vehicles in October, 1,500 in November and 3,000 in December. My vehicle will arrive in Toronto on the first Monday of December. The weather will be cloudy with a chance of snow flurries.
I have one of the few original weegee boards that still functions perfectly.

Daniel_L | 28 giugno 2015

Does anyone know what the Model X full production would be in terms of vehicle per week?

Red Sage ca us | 28 giugno 2015

Elon Musk says they expect Model S and Model X Production to be 1:1 at the end of 2015. Since the Model S had reached an annualized Capacity at Fremont of 50,000 units at the end of 2014... That probably means the Model X should begin 2016 at something like 800-to-1,000 units per week.

Some expect the Model X to be produced at a rate no more than twice as many as Model S during its opening months. Thus, they figure that no more than 5,000 units will be built by December 31, 2015 24:59:59.99 or so, and fewer still delivered...

I am, as always, far more optimistic than most. And, I note that Elon stated the goal of over 50,000 units Sold in 2015, or 50% more Deliveries than 2014, was for Model S alone. But the later that Production, at any rate begins, the less likely even my own rather rosy predictions.

It took quite a while for the Model S to go from a handful, to about 100, then 200, and eventually 400 units per week Production. Something like nine months or so, I think. It finished 2013 at about 700 units per week. The rampup of Model X will not take that long at all.

Brian H | 29 giugno 2015

A Oija board would be 2.4X more accurate.

Brian Vicars | 29 giugno 2015

Excuse me Brian H, if we can spell flavor in Canada as flavour, then being a true Canuck, I can spell it as weegee. Bye the way, my wife, an elementary school teacher, just informed me that we are both wrong. It is spelled Ouija. Do we have to pass a spelling test to qualify for a Tesla purchase?

jjs | 29 giugno 2015

Spellin is knot a rechoirment. Enjouy.

Brian H | 29 giugno 2015

Your wife is right. I omitted u.

Red Sage ca us | 30 giugno 2015


ian | 30 giugno 2015

If spelling were a requirement, Tesla would have given Brian H a Model s by now. ;-)