Another notch in my pop out door handle

Another notch in my pop out door handle

Well, my first was a challenger SRT8, then it was a Porsche carrera 4S. Getting more gutsy each time. Well, I just showed my Tesla T to a C6 vette with some loud aftermarket exhaust and little NHRA stickers in the window. I had chased him down a bit and squeezed it on a bit earlier as he sized me up. The light up ahead turns red. Instantly my heart starts pounding and the adrenaline kicks in, knowing this could get wild real fast. I had my wife and her mom in the car so I tell them to hang on, my feet are trembling as I lightly place my foot on the accelerator.
The light turns green, I hear his exhaust as I roll into the throttle. Then his engine starts to sing full song and I can hear his tires start to scrub. I plant my foot, and keep the fender on him. I hear his shift, he's behind now and I'm pulling away. He knows its a lost cause and gives up after about 50.
Just took out Americas sports car with an electric 4 door sedan filled with three people and two Starbucks coffees!
That was a good notch...

Pbfoot | 10 marzo 2013

Sweet win. Either your mother in law is pretty cool, or you don't give a damn how she feels.

Darmok | 10 marzo 2013

Nice. I nearly kept up with some fancy MB AMG in my 60 kWH up the freeway onramp, missed it by that much. Wait until you come across one of her big sisters, I thought. I do kind of wish I could have talked myself into the extra $ for the P. I'll have to save the nickels for the X.

c.bussert67 | 10 marzo 2013

My mother I law actually was having more run than my wife. My wife was asking me if I was really going to race him, like she didn't want to do it. That's why I rolled initially and waited him to jump first. My mother in law just let out a "Woo!" when I finally let up.
There were two tesla grins in the car anyway...

DouglasR | 10 marzo 2013

I've never floored it without having the wheels lose traction and spin (MS Performance, 19" wheels). I assume traction control kicks in then, slowing the motor. Will I get better acceleration by flooring it more "gradually"? I need to know this in case I meet one of these fast cars. ;)

jat | 11 marzo 2013

@DouglasR - you can almost always go faster if you drive at the limit without having electronic controls kick in (sometimes you have to turn them off, depending on how aggressively they interfere) -- ASM in particular will really kill your speed around corners. TC and ABS are there to keep it from getting too bad if you treat the pedal like a binary input device.

Others with performance + 19" wheels have reported some wheelspin, so I guess the TC is tuned expecting 21" wheels with performance.

Kludge | 11 marzo 2013

I did a test drive in a performance model with 21" all seasons. I floored it from a slow roll (5-10mph) on a SLIGHTLY damp road on a cool (45F) day. The tires broke loose, the traction control was working hard, and the tail end shifted a bit. I don't recall how long the tires wanted to spin, but I didn't let up until they hooked up.

Having the high performance tires makes a tremendous difference in traction.

I'll be getting my 85 non-performance with 19" wheels within a few weeks, and I'd be more than happy to gather some data on wheelspin of 85 vs. P85 with the same wheels and tires.

jat | 11 marzo 2013

@Kludge - I can't generate wheelspin in my non-P85 with 19" wheels except on wet leaves/painted lines or ice. Other times, I can see the TC kick in on the dash, but I never feel any wheelspin at all.

DouglasR | 11 marzo 2013

So if I meet a muscle car at a stop light (no time to turn off TC), do I stomp on it or press down more gradually?

cloroxbb | 11 marzo 2013

Its funny, everytime a Mustang passes me in my Wife's Yaris, I say to myself "just wait until I get my Model S." Its going to be so fun and satisfying in this stupid Military town when I get my car!!

c.bussert67 | 11 marzo 2013

For those wondering about the fastest way to go, I haven't turned off traction control yet, but can tell you when I have really jumped on it hard, you can hear the rear tires howl a bit as the TC limits wheel spin. As far as I know, slight wheel spin is desired and around a 10% slip provides the most acceleration. Judging by the way I have walked away from cars with similar acceleration times, me thinks Tesla got it right. I have the 21" wheels, so while the 19's might not be as aggressive of a tire, I think the TC allows the S to accelerate as fast as possible with the provided traction.
Just jump on it and trust the S!
I have found that the constant pull of the S is what breaks the other car down. They might be hanging on as we both accelerate at the limit, but I keep pulling as they make shift and realize they are only shifting into a slower gear and give up soon into second gear.

RanjitC | 11 marzo 2013

I have a P85 with 21's never turned TC off just feel a slight jerk when I floor it, probably the TC applying the brake to prevent wheel spin, but then it just goes like a bat out of hell. Shocks the musclecar owners into giving up. Even cars that actually can do 4sec 0-60 dont get off the line like this thing its a beast.

SD Supercharger | 11 marzo 2013

Using a 2 mph rolling start (creep) ---I can punch the P85 without wheel spin (TC on). Sometimes it feels like I am getting slight front end lift at max acceleration.

jat | 11 marzo 2013

@CnJsSigP - yes, about 10% slip gives the optimal coefficient of friction on dry pavement
5% on wet, and 0% on ice

jat | 11 marzo 2013

@RanjitC - even if they can get to 60mph slightly faster, you will have still covered more ground at that time because your speed is front-loaded -- distance is basically the area under the speed vs time curve.

RanjitC | 11 marzo 2013

@Jat thats exactly what I observed without knowing why. Thanks.

Neech | 11 marzo 2013

LOL - It sounds like a lot of you guys are hanging out in parking lots doing burn-outs. I guess it never gets old :-)

Brian H | 11 marzo 2013

Yikes! Integral calculus & the MS ...

jat | 12 marzo 2013

@BrianH - you should see the calculations for heat gain/loss to calculate the right time to start HVAC... I had to go lookup DiffEq texts that I haven't used in 25 years :).

Robert22 | 12 marzo 2013

Just plug a blowdryer Into the 12v outlet....instant climate control on a budget.

dstiavnicky | 13 marzo 2013

boys will be boys... I love it!

Brian H | 13 marzo 2013

Sounds like you need pearl-handled doors ...

DonS | 13 marzo 2013

I think the S works so well because traction control on an EV is just so easy. Since the ABS systems knows how fast the front and the rear wheels are turning, it is a simple matter to program the throttle control to allow only a few percent difference. Essentially, the car is always in "launch mode." The ABS only needs to kick in (and waste power) if one side hooks up much better than the other.