Anyone else heard about these two BIG battery break throughs coming?

Anyone else heard about these two BIG battery break throughs coming?

I read it in The Toronto Star a few months ago. It is a big-time Liberal newspaper (As a Conservative, I read it to post comments in an attempt to keep those silly Liberals in a place I call reality), so they tend to only print things that are thruthful when it comes to environment friendly stuff, and pot legalization of course. The article bascially said they figured out how to hold 10x the charge on Lithium Ion batteries and how to reduce charge times by 10x as well. Seemed like the holy grail to me, and not the Monty Python coconuts and killer rabbits one either. It is based on this article:

Did anyone know where this breakthrough ended up? Will it pan out?

I ask becasue now there is another "complementary" breakthrough to help with the degradation, and it sounds like ti actually solves the degradation entirely!!!!!!

I found this:

and this:

And the real big question, which is kinda hard to answer....Will Tesla offer "upgraded" battery packs that we can swap into our cars? I gotta believe that the battery pack is "sacrificial" and must be changable with whatever will fit in the "hole" once it is removed. Can you imagine a Model S that is 500lbs lighter and still has a 600mile range? I think the 4.4sec 0-60 just went to 3.7 seconds. A man can dream.

The next 5yrs are going to be game changers in the battery technology world. 100s of Millions on VERY big car battery packs are available to the team that solves it first.