Anyone ordered a leased MS yet?

Anyone ordered a leased MS yet?

Post it here.......

ylyubarsky | 3 aprile 2013

It's not a lease. Who told you? It's just somebody decided to call it a lease which is not true. Simple thing. You finance through Tesla Banks ( Wells Fargo or US Bank ) and Tesla buys back your car for 43% of it's initial price, minus taxes and fees. My car for instance: $ 108,400 but the net price is $ 100,350. $ 43,150 is the price after 3 years Tesla is offering. Loss of 65,250. $ 1,812 a month. Plus add difference in interest between 1.49% and 3% or more offered by Wells Fargo. So we are close to $ 1,900 a month. I don't think it makes any sense what so ever. I'd better keep the car and if I decide to sell it, I hope to get more for it.

Brian H | 3 aprile 2013

At least 43%. Market, if it's higher. It's a risk minimization offer.

djm12 | 6 aprile 2013

@Bresson- I think you actually were intending to ask if anyone has financed their Model S through the new financing program. Maybe you can edit your original thread?

At the 2.95% rate, with a 10% down payment, you will have made principle payments of approximately 57%, which leaves 43% remaining to pay, by coincidence, the about the same amount as the 43% "residual" value. Provided your car is in good shape, you can hand Elon the keys and walk away after three years - just like a lease.

It's a good offer - and an especially good offer in those states that don't charge sales tax on EVs.