Apple to acquire Tesla?

Apple to acquire Tesla?

A short article on lithium demand spreads a rumor of Apple acquiring Tesla:

"...there are articles and blogs alluding to the question of whether Apple would buy Tesla Motors..."

This sounds like just rumor using apple and Tesla's buzz to booster mining company's stock. Anyone have anything more substantial to support anything otherwise?

jerry3 | 29 giugno 2012

Nope. About a 0% chance of being true (and maybe that's too high)

Brian H | 29 giugno 2012

Not that Apple couldn't afford it, out of the smallest of its change pockets.

What seems to have kicked it off is this openly speculative article, considering the "clouding" of functions which may well envelop the auto world, too, and Apple's interest in getting involved. The author specifically suggests joint venture would be preferable (and safer for Apple if it didn't fly) than acquisition. Also alludes to the rocket boost Tesla might gain if it had Apple's financial backing behind it; that would make the DoE look like a piker!

Brian H | 29 giugno 2012

Edit: "preferable ... to acquisition."

HALSAR | 30 giugno 2012

Apple would be to smart to buy a company that sells "plug-in" Tesla's

Brian H | 1 luglio 2012

There is only one kind of Tesla, and one company that sells it.

Epley | 27 luglio 2012

The software on the dash would benefit greatly from this type of merger...

Vawlkus | 30 luglio 2012

No it wouldn't.

gjunky | 30 luglio 2012

Agreed, no it wouldn't.