Audi to build Model X competitor

Audi to build Model X competitor

Audi announced that it is planning on building and all electric SUV to compete against the Model X. They will be about three years behind the Model X.

My take on it is great! Elon open sourced the Tesla's patents because he wants some serious competition. The more the merrier.

But at the same time, I am very skeptical that the Audi will be serious competition, unless they buy into Tesla's Supercharger infrastructure. As a current Model S 85D owner, I would not have purchased this vehicle without the Supercharger network.

On the flip side Audi may raise the bar when it comes to comfort and luxury. The Model S, and I assume Model X, have a elegant but spartan interior with a minimalistic flavor. If the Audi interior is on par with their ICE variants, I think they will provide serious competition.

I'm very happy with my S85D, but may trade it in on a X85D in the future. However, I'm not doing to put a deposit down until I can test drive one.

vperl | 4 giugno 2015

The major reason for these companies getting into the EV part is thecUS Federal regulations on fleet mileage averages.

The Big shot at Fiat all but said that.

ian | 4 giugno 2015

Except for the fact that it will be based on the the next Q5 which will actually be closer to a model 3 CUV. The X is a larger vehicle, closer to the size of a Q7.

And then there's the whole charging infrastructure issue.

Audi seems to be really good about talking about electric vehicles but not so good about actually building them.

Red Sage ca us | 4 giugno 2015

vperl: Precisely. The traditional automobile manufacturers negotiate terms with regulators that allow them to count each fully electric car they deign to build as if it were five or ten against their Corporate Average Fuel Economy... Then calculate exactly how few of them must be 'offered' to offset penalties by getting the company in compliance. If the inflated compliance ratio were removed and it was literally a 1:1 necessity, they would just pay thge fines and raise their prices. They don't actually want to compete by building electric cars of their own and resent all efforts to prove they are a viable alternative to ICE. That attitude may well be their eventual downfall. | 4 giugno 2015

IMO it is silly not to reserve a place in line now for a refundable $5K and then test drive. If you don't like it, you get your money back. If you liked it, you get it at the earliest possible date.

roger | 4 giugno 2015

@ georgehawley

Not silly, just a personal choice. I'm very happy with my S85D, and I'm a patient person. In my mind the X is not a must have, rather its a might want.

@ Red Sage / vperl

So in your opinion, is the problem the regulations, or is it that management of the car companies? | 4 giugno 2015

@roger: That's OK. If you decide you want one, you will just have to wait longer to get it.

Red Sage ca us | 5 giugno 2015

The problem is that the people on regulatory boards are all folks with a background in the traditional automobile manufacturing industry. So they still possess all the same prejudices in regard to alternative fuels and electric transportation. They long ago decided it was no good, not worth the effort, a waste of time, and would never work. They vowed ages ago that there was no replacement for displacement, that they would never give up their V8s, and that they would always bleed oil and gasoline.

From their point of view, they stand as the last line of defense for the Real Automobile Industry, which they love, against the contraptions proposed by fanatical liberal commie pinko terrorist ecologist longhaired unwashed barefoot hippie tree huggers that their politician bosses must at least make an effort to seem as though they might actually be considering the outside possibility of thinking about someday studying the option of maybe even doing something to satisfy their hare-brained concerns. As long as they make it 'look good' no one seems to notice the way they implement policy doesn't actually make any sense whatsoever. So they purposely set up requirements for compliance that they know the traditional automobile manufacturers will be able to legitimately proclaim as 'impossible' to manage effectively, even as they simultaneously make no reason effort to reach or succeed those goals.

So, when an outsider such as Tesla Motors comes along and breaks the rules, by building excellent cars that are fully compliant from the outset, they choose to move the goalposts. Any excuse to make sure no one at all can qualify for incentives. Hence the support for Fool Sells, which will allow them to push 'The FUTURE' that much further away indefinitely.

Stated purpose, hidden purpose, actual purpose.

speyerj | 5 giugno 2015

They're calling that a sketch of Audi's SUV?!? Seriously, is that a joke? That's not even a concept. Someone in marketing said "Hey, let's say we'll release an EV SUV in a few years, check out this all black rendition of a car-like object!"

roger | 5 giugno 2015

@ Red Sage

"against the contraptions proposed by fanatical liberal commie pinko terrorist ecologist longhaired unwashed barefoot hippie tree huggers that their politician bosses"


roger | 5 giugno 2015


Yup, looks like vaporware to me. Wonder if it will ever come to fruition.

raffael s. | 6 giugno 2015

Being German, I read the original Interview. They want to build a CUV with at least 500km range (the Model S is rated 500km range on then NEDC), at least 700ps (German equivalent of hp, but 1hp=1.0139 ps, the Model S has 700 ps) and faster than 3.3 seconds 0-100km/h (maybe you guessed it, the S has a 0-100 time of 3.3 seconds). So they just said: "The Audi will be better in any way, just don't buy a Tesla now." I don't think they have any idea now, how the car should look like, or what stats it might have. In my opinion the only real German competitors, for the next 5 years, might be BMW and maybe Mercedes. Because of the i5, which seems to become a real Model 3 competitor, and Mercedes bringing back life into their EV battery production. Other than that, Porsche and Audi might have some nice concepts, but as long as the VW leadership still ignores pure EVs, cars like the Q6 EV or the Pajun EV won't happen. | 6 giugno 2015

I believe that the committee that establishes the agenda for the committee that sets priorities for the committee that reviews and recommends design alternatives to the executive committee for concept selection has decided upon a date for its next meeting.

jjs | 6 giugno 2015

I have heard the meeting has been postponed due to a disagreement on the shape of the table to be used at the next meeting. A battery of options have been presented but it seems no one was charged with speaking for the committee. Clearly someone did not properly discharge their responsibilities and appoint a sub-committee to settle the issue. The entire process is now at risk of being short circuited. Unnamed insiders characterize the situation as higher charged. | 6 giugno 2015

There was electricity in the air due to the tension created by the situation. As there was no outlet to vent their frustration, the meeting had to be postponed until after lunch to give everyone time to amp up their enthusiasm. But this caused a revolt, splitting the committee in two. Synchronous operation of the dual groups was not possible and everyone ended up getting torqued. Watt were we talking about?

gerard.borin | 6 giugno 2015

Anyway Audi does not understand smart air suspension.

carlgo2 | 6 giugno 2015

The advantage Tesla has is that they went all-in, including the battery production. Nobody can really compete by just dabbling.

It would take a big commitment from Audi to match Tesla production, battery procurement and a charging network. | 6 giugno 2015

VW/Audi makes excellent cars. They are researching various areas of new technology as applied to cars. They have recently staged a cross-country autonomous drive by an Audi in the U.S. They currently offer optional TACC, Lane keeping assist, emergency braking, surround view cameras, blind spot detection, and heads-up display for starters in the top of the line A8 but, as @carlgo2 says, creating a battery-based system that competes with the Tesla will require a major commitment and change of direction. Can they do it? Yes. Will they do it? Maybe, someday.

Red Sage ca us | 6 giugno 2015

Maybe, some day, could be, possibly... Coulda, shoulda, woulda... Delay, distract, deny... But, I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you, and stuff. Yeah.

Brian H | 6 giugno 2015

Can we get people to stick with EVs with tiny capacity and range, so we don't have to make them for real?

vperl | 7 giugno 2015

Table design is in fact very important, ask North Korean.

But, I digress.

carlgo2 | 11 giugno 2015

Dear Leader is making an electric car with dual air suspension as his research found the side he got in on tilted to the ground.