Auto Nation Trade In

Auto Nation Trade In

Wondering if anyone has used Auto Nation for a trade in? I want to get an offer from them, just wondering if anyone else has any experience with them. Was the offer reasonable or low ball?

Bennett R. | 10 dicembre 2012

I don't know about Auto Nation, but I have had very good experiences with Carmax both times I have sold a used car to them. And neither time was I even purchasing a car from them. The first time, I actually got more than Blue Book value,

iholtzman | 10 dicembre 2012

I have a 2005 VW Phaeton with 106,000 miles in excellent condition. It is worth about 10k. They offered 2k. I would not count on using them.

DRAdams | 11 dicembre 2012

I had a 2005 Porsche Boxster S with 28,000 miles on it. I used the Tesla/Auto-Nation connection and was offered $10k for it. There are no Carmax locations near me, but I got a quote from Auto Trader. They offered me $25k, gave me a check for that amount after a quick checkout of the car, and were very easy to deal with.

lolachampcar | 11 dicembre 2012

I was told that the only way to get the sales tax credit associated with a trade in that I would have to use the AutoNation route. Tesla was unable to allow a courtesy trade whereby I found a buyer (CarMax or the like) and Tesla did a dealer assign of the title.

Tesla is very good about protecting their customers and yet they seem to be locking us into a bottom feeder buyer. Those are tough words and ones I am not sure about thus the "seem". Can someone shed a bit more light on this and please correct me if I am wrong.

For the record, my S should show up this month and I have a 2010 535i with 30K that needs to find a home. This is a personal issue for me.

GLO | 11 dicembre 2012

Auto Nation told us they would basically give you bluebook nothing more. Note worth the time. I've had great luck with Carmax and if we don't sell privately, then we are going to Carmax. Even TM rep at one time, said AutoNation isn't the best deal.

GreenMachine13 | 11 dicembre 2012

Lolachampcar, I know Tesla is not a dealer but what you describe is typical of a car transaction. It typically has to all be done in one transaction to receive the sales tax break. This isn't a Tesla issue. Like others, I've sold to CarMax with good success. They offered more than blue book once.

lolachampcar | 11 dicembre 2012

I suspect Tesla has a Florida dealer's license. A good frined of mine has one and they are no big deal to get provided you have the correct insurance.

I'll hop on Florida's web page and see if I can dig it up.

and yes, I believe you are correct in saying that Tesla has to dealer assign my title to the receiving party.

jinglehyme | 11 dicembre 2012

Auto Nation offered well below the lowest bluebook on my 2011 CT200h that is in perfect condition. And now they keep calling me. Screw Them! | 12 dicembre 2012

I was hopeful about CarMax based on this thread. They just opened by me here in Colorado. They lowballed me on my 2010 HS250h (perfect condition) by about 1000 under Kelley Blue Book & 3000 under Edmunds. Then tried to get the deal on the spot. Took it to AutoNation and got an estimate 500 under Blue Book. Looks like Craigslist is my next option.

jchangyy | 12 dicembre 2012

Have tried autotrader online quote? | 12 dicembre 2012

No...will try, thanks | 12 dicembre 2012

Auto trader was the lowest bid :o( I asked Tesla if I could forward the AutoNation bid to them so I could get the tax credit/trade-in. Had to apply for another bid through Tesla links. It will be interesting to see if the quote is different.

Jon Wray | 12 dicembre 2012

I got $500 from Carmax for a 1998 Ford Explorer with only 57K miles. Trouble was, it arrived on a tow truck! That's right, after 14.5 years, my car broke down two weeks after my Model S delivery! I would have sold it last week, but I wanted a car to drive while my Model S was in the shop. I didn't realize Tesla would offer a rental. I'm not happy about the $500 but didn't want to deal with the inconvenience of having it repaired only to sell it. The exterior was in poor condition too.

But there's more to this story. I drove my Explorer to work that morning, but it wouldn't start later that afternoon (I was leaving work early because I had a cold). I was unable to jump it, so I called AAA. They couldn't jump start it either, and after waiting two hours, they pulled my car out of the parking garage and loaded it on a flatbed. I decided i wanted rid of this car. Upon arriving at Carmax, the car actually started! I left it running while I tried to get an appraiser out to see it. Instead some other Carmax guy came out and asked me to turn the car off because it would be a while. Later, I learned the appraser was able to start the car, but it died when put in reverse. So I went out and tried myself. It choked and spluttered and died. The gas gauge was empty, so I though that may be the problem. A Carmax guy was nice enough to drive me to a nearby gas station in lovely Inglewood, where I filled a gallon container with gas. After emptying this into my trusty Explorer, I turned the ignition and... nothing. They appraised it as a "non-op vehicle." I said no way. But as a waited for a taxi, cold and tired and sick, I thought of the hassle of finding a mechanic to repair it. So I changed my mind and took their offer. | 13 dicembre 2012

FYI- The AutoNation estimate through Tesla came in exactly the same as the non-Tesla estimate. I will take this for the tax offset.

GLO | 13 dicembre 2012

Keep in mind that some states do not allow the trade-in to offset the taxable value of the car. We were able to do that in Texas when we purchased the 2000 MBZ wagon we are replacing with the MS but in CA. i understand it does not affect the taxable price of the car i.e. you pay tax on the whole not the adjusted price after thew trade-in as we were able to do in Texas. We'll be selling our car. AutoNation gave us a very low estimate.

stevenmaifert | 13 dicembre 2012

@GLO - You are correct for California. Ref: page 12. Darn!

goelec1640 | 19 dicembre 2012

Well just answered my own question.... Blue Book value trade in $7500 to $9600, priviate party $10,000 - $12,400. AutoNation $6,000. No thanks....

David M. | 19 dicembre 2012

I've used CarMax to sell a used car three times. Two different locations. Always a pleasant experience. My cars were always in great shape and with lower than average miles. Clear CarFax report, good paint, clean interior, good tire tread, etc. And I always get an inexpensive detailing before I take it in, so it appears as though they don't have to do a thing. That $75 detail always gets me an extra $500 on the car.

I always print the Kelly Bluebook resale value for "Good Condition", before I go to CarMax. Everytime they offer between $500 below or $500 above the KBB relale value. I get a check on the spot. And it's never taken me more than an hour. Just don't go on Sunday. Weekdays are best. | 19 dicembre 2012

As I posted in another thread-- they are not offering any tax allowance for trading in a vehicle. (unless its a roadster)