Autopilot? Can someone explain what "Autopilot Convenience Features" are? Is that true autopilot or not?

Autopilot? Can someone explain what "Autopilot Convenience Features" are? Is that true autopilot or not?

Hi - I originally read the inclusion of "Autopilot Convenience Features" to mean that the Sig cars had autopilot. But then when I spoke to a Tesla sales rep, I think she implied that there was no true autopilot yet and that might be a software upgrade in the future, and one of the forum comments seems to support this as well. Does someone know what the autopilot actually does? I'm assuming if it was full autopilot (i.e., we program in an address, and the car can get us there with little or no driver intervention), Tesla would have focused on that capability much more in the presentation? Can anyone help? I've started to configure and I'm completely confused (and, unfortunately, going to the Model X launch didn't answer any of my questions). THANKS!!

NumberOne | 2 ottobre 2015

The answer to your question is very simple. Legislation in different countries prevent autopilot from being available, even if it is possible.

Tesla has said that full autopilot will be possible in the future. The autopilot they are talking about now, relates to highway driving only. It is not yet available but it is in testing and will be widely available soon. Sig cars come with it, so when it is available, you will get it. Self parking is one of the things that it will do once it is available.

MYYModelX | 3 ottobre 2015

Thank you!

Tâm | 3 ottobre 2015

Tesla Autopilot is a subset of Google Autonomous/driverless.

Google's way does not require driver's intervention.

Tesla's way still requires driver's skills and judgement but it can alleviate some tedious chores.

Current Model S has version 6.2 which can do TACC Traffic Aware Cruise Control. Your car would follow the car in front and will brake and even stop if there's a parked car in your lane.

Model X has version 7 which can drive you from ramp-on to ramp-off on the freeway.

Remember, you are thinking about Google's way of entering an address, and the car can get you there.

That is not Tesla's way!

To get to the point of what you are thinking about, Tesla has to equip a future model with additional hardware capability but not in several years, may be in 5 years.