Battery life and service in Las Vegas

Battery life and service in Las Vegas

I live in Las Vegas and need to know how the battery will perform in the summer heat. Also, I understand there is no service center currently slated for Las Vegas. Does anyone have any information on either of these concerns?

mrspaghetti | 3 dicembre 2012

The battery is temp-controlled, so summer heat not an issue.

Phuygens | 3 dicembre 2012

Does that temp control drain the battery? I'm trying to figure out how much battery life will be consumed from the car sitting in 120 degree heat for 10 hours while I'm at work

Timo | 3 dicembre 2012

Yes, but the drain is tiny compared to driving. AFAIK Model S uses heat pump for AC (both battery and cabin) which is very efficient at cooling things down. I don't think you can actually notice the loss, though I don't have any numbers available.