The best way to get your car noticed...

The best way to get your car noticed...

I've found the best way to get your car noticed in a parking lot is to -- wait for it -- USE THE FRUNK! I've been loading groceries into the frunk as it's easy to access in my garage and have drawn stares and questions on several occasions. My most recent exchange went like this:

GAWKER: Woah, dude! Your trunk is in the FRONT?
ME: It's in both places actually...
GAWKER: Then where's your engine?
ME: There isn't one, it's electric.
GAWKER: It's all electric? So no gas?
ME: Yep.
GAWKER: Cool. It's a beautiful car. Let me hear you start it up!
ME: *sigh*

rochec | 5 aprile 2013

You should totally play that up and act all pumped up to start it up and let them hear it roar...and then when you start it up act all bad ass and strut your stuff.

JoeFee | 6 aprile 2013


olanmills | 6 aprile 2013

Crash it into a restaurant

lsborn | 6 aprile 2013

Open the frunk, toss out wires, fan belts, a car battery and a bunch of other random car parts, close it, and then drive off.

Brian H | 6 aprile 2013

Wrap it in Passionate Pink and put black batwing fins on it.

GeekEV | 6 aprile 2013

@lsborn - I like it!

exPGAhacker | 6 aprile 2013

I ask people if they want to hear me "rev" it up. They nod yes and I sit there for a silent moment and ask if they want to hear it again. Works every time.

elguapo | 6 aprile 2013

@Isborn and @olanmills - hysterical.

torst1 | 6 aprile 2013


Well played!