Birthday Drive for my Husband - Raleigh, NC Area?

Birthday Drive for my Husband - Raleigh, NC Area?

Hi Roadster Mavens,

I write with an unusual request. My husband's got his 28th birthday coming up in early November. He's an electrical engineer and a car guy...needless to say, you've got his dream wheels!

When it comes to gift-giving, we try to give experiences instead of "things"--in part because it's more fun, and in part because we don't need more stuff. So I'd love to give him the experience of driving a Tesla Roadster for his birthday. This is where I need your help.

Is there anyone in the Raleigh area who'd be willing to let my husband take your Roadster for a short spin in early November? You would be in the car too, of course--he'd love to talk Tesla with you. He's got an excellent driving record and good insurance, if that's a worry.

Not sure what I could offer you in return, but I'm happy to negotiate! Cheers.

Brian H | 9 ottobre 2012

Will ... not ... suggest ... experience swap.... Closing ...


Timo | 10 ottobre 2012

You can fit king-size bed in Model S. Take mattresses. Experiment.

DHrivnak | 13 ottobre 2012

If you ever make it to Kingsport, TN, about 275 miles, east I could likely make it happen.

DrTaras-BreastCar | 20 ottobre 2012

1) If you make it out to L.A.:
2) Go look on as well

Cordelia3 | 24 ottobre 2012

Thanks DHrivnak and DrTaras! We do actually have dear friends in Kingsport, so I might just take you up on it one day! However, we can't make it over there in November. Can I take a raincheck? We'll no doubt head that way sometime in the next year.

DHrivnak | 27 ottobre 2012

I have no plans to sell the car so it will likley still be around next year.