Black Soot

Black Soot

Our Silver Model S accumulates fine black soot on the rear of the car. Given the light color, it is quite noticeable. It starts to accumulate as early as a day after a hand washing. After a week it really needs washing.

Probably not from the car's exhaust. Considering I rarely use my breaks, could it be break dust? Or is the car forming such a vacuum at the rear that it pulls ICE car exhaust out of the air?

Does anyone have any idea where this is coming from?

stevenmaifert | 11 aprile 2013

The consensus from other threads on this topic is that it is due to the aerodynamics of the airflow around the car, depositing fine particulate matter in the air on the back of the car. My S is white. I keep water in a spray bottle and clean it off about every other day. | 11 aprile 2013

Others have reported dust and dirt collecting here. I don't notice it that much, perhaps due to the Grey paint hiding it better.

The airflow over the car tends to trap dust and dirt in this area. It's the cost of having a very low coefficient of drag!

akikiki | 11 aprile 2013

I see it on my white MS too. Its a thin powder most of the time. But sometimes a little gritty. It's most likely a bit of dirt, ground dirt and rubber. Some of it from our tires, but also what our tires pick up from the road where other people's tires leave deposits. Probably not going to go away either. My first thought was mudflaps, like you see on other cars and trucks. No, I didn't consider putting them on a MS, just that's would would prevent it. Mudflaps would keep it from hitting the paint, but also would ask as little fins or a short sail sticking out the side of the car. Little or not, would impact the streamline affects of the car.

Bottome line: most likely dirt and rubber. | 11 aprile 2013

Your aerodynamic MS is leaving the air cleaner when you drive through it-- by collecting the particulates on the back of the vehicle. Can any other vehicle make that claim?!

gagliardilou | 11 aprile 2013

I noticed it too.

kw1 | 11 aprile 2013

I notice the black soot as well. It does not look like brake dust. Probably just road grime. On my silver Model S I use a Quick Detailer and a microfiber cloth which I keep in the garage next to the charger. I clean the car about once every couple of days and it takes less than a minute to do the front hood/nose to clean the bugs off and the rear to clean the soot. | 11 aprile 2013

A California Carduster works well too...

danielccc | 11 aprile 2013

I guess no white then...

petero | 11 aprile 2013

It is either the aerodynamics (flat underbelly and sculpted top) or static cling!
My new best friend, after my white MS, is my trusty, California Duster.

petero | 11 aprile 2013

I wonder if the rear spoiler on P85s helps diminish the dust. Any performance gurus care to comment?