Blind Spot Illumination System

Blind Spot Illumination System

Test drove the Tesla today in Dallas - awesome. The only possible upgrade I would like to see is a Blind Spot detection system. Anyone aware if this option is in future plans?

Thomas N. | 9 maggio 2014

I think you can actually use your side mirrors or look over your shoulder to see if cars are coming.

pruhawk | 9 maggio 2014


Concur with your answer. Works well, probably don't need rear cameras or other safety advancements either but they seem to help in certain situations. Just want to know if it may be an option in the future, you may continue to look over your sholder at no additional cost.

Captain_Zap | 9 maggio 2014

I thought that it wasn't considered to be a blind spot if you could see it in the mirrors or look directly. I have driven vehicles with real blind spots.

rfriess | 9 maggio 2014

I don't get it. If the mirrors are set correctly, there is no blind spot. It's amazing to me how most people do not know how to adjust their mirrors.



J.T. | 9 maggio 2014

@pruhawk Yes, it may be an option in the future.

gdubcobra1 | 9 maggio 2014

In the future options, can I get a car washer that also drives me around. I would also like for him to make the payments for me.

JohhnyS | 9 maggio 2014

Flashlights can illuminate the blind spot. Seriously visibility to the sides is not a problem. I am tall so visibility out the rear window can be a challenge--just punch it no one can keep up with you and then change lanes.

CraigW | 9 maggio 2014

I'm not sure what everyone is talking about regarding a blind spot.

I adjusted my Model S so that the mirrors just barely show the side of the car and I keep the camera showing when I drive. The very small area that is outside the mirrors and not yet in my peripheral vision is clearly shown in the camera.

I glance at the camera in the center console, to the right mirror, and finally back to the left mirror. If I am being cautious, I then look over both shoulders before I shift lanes. I haven't even had any close calls with motorcycles with this technique. | 9 maggio 2014

The "look over ones shoulder" technique works best IMO.....time & bug tested already. ;)

Thinktronic | 9 maggio 2014

The backup camera is a wide angle fish-eye lens and it eliminates the blind spot if you leave it on when driving. That and having your mirrors adjusted properly gives you a tremendous quick check of the road behind you. I find that when the nose of a car on my left or right side--- is at my driver side door window --- I can still see the back of that same car in the backup camera. I trust this greatly more than a little yellow light in the side mirror of other cars.

church70 | 9 maggio 2014

I think it's a cool feature and I would like to have it looking over my shoulder is just a force of habit now which is the best policy anyway for me it's mirror shoulder mirror go

NO2PTRL | 9 maggio 2014

A bit off subject but supports many here.

My friend was hit from behind by a car while riding his bike, I was riding right beside him. We were making a transition to a left turn. I always use a helmet mirror and can see everything behind me, no blind spots.

When the officer questioned me about what happened, I told him that I had looked in my mirror and hadn't seen a car, so we proceeded to change lanes. He then asked, did you confirm with your eyes?
I was shaken and couldn't remember.
He then stated, you always confirm with your eyes.

The moral of the story........, no matter what system you have, you must always confirm with your eyes!

rameezmyraleila | 9 maggio 2014

friends can anyone answer a simple question here? If anybody is aware of an upgrade with a blind spot detector on the side mirrors , most of us already know the merits and demerits of looking over your shoulder!

church70 | 9 maggio 2014

Somebody recently was tell me in England when you go for your drivers license the car you use cannot have mirrors on it as part of the driving test because it is the proper way to look with your eyes before you go not sure if that's true and I don't feel like searching it out right now lol

carlk | 9 maggio 2014

OK the planned release date of blind spot detector is two days after you bought the car.

edcalis | 9 maggio 2014

Installing two cameras instead of the mirrors would be an ideal solution to eliminate blind spots. I have read that the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers issued a petition to the NHTSA to allow them to replace the side mirrors with cameras.
I wonder what happened with that request?

jordanrichard | 10 maggio 2014

I was always taught to check my rear view mirror every 30 seconds, to keep tabs on what was behind me or what was coming up.

There have been a number of times where I looking to change a lane, but a particular van that I had seen in the rearview mirror was nowhere to be seen and I knew it hadn't passed me. Well, he was sitting 2 lanes over and in a particular way that I didn't initially see it. Would this be considered a blind spot scenario, I suppose. However, because I was paying attention to what was traveling behind me and what cars had passed me, I knew this van was "missing". So I actually slowed down a bit to allow him to come into me peripheral view.

Now with the Tesla and the fisheye camera, this will probably not happen. I look at the rearview camera as an extension of the mirrors. Set everything properly and pay attention, then there will be no surprises.

I am all for "safety enhancements" if they in fact do things that we can't humanly do, like pump one's brakes a million times a second like ABS brakes, the rear view camera giving you a broader view than one's mirrors can, automatic braking in a split sec via traction and stability control.

"Blind spot", Lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control...... these just further add to lazy driving. These
features do things that you can do.

J.T. | 10 maggio 2014

There is a misconception about what goes on here. We are not privy to ANY time frames on ANY changes to ANY part of Tesla's production.

AmpedRealtor | 10 maggio 2014

Easy way to set your mirrors to eliminate blind spots...

I learned a lot from this smart teenager! :)

SeattleSid | 10 maggio 2014

AR: cool, smart kid. Ironic that he has the fuzzy dice obstructing his front view, though.

ir | 10 maggio 2014

Blind spot illumination is sooo last century! Take a look at the Tesla Careers website:

Business Title Office Location # of openings Job Type
Advance Driver Assistance Systems - Camera Validation Engineer US-CA-Palo Alto-Deer Creek-Office 1 Full time
Advance Driver Assistance Systems - Lead Radar Engineer US-CA-Palo Alto-Deer Creek-Office 1 Full time
Advance Driver Assistance Systems - Product Engineer, Camera Hardware US-CA-Palo Alto-Deer Creek-Office 1 Full time
Advance Driver Assistance Systems - Radar Validation Engineer US-CA-Palo Alto-Deer Creek-Office 1 Full time
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems - Firmware Engineer US-CA-Palo Alto-Deer Creek-Office 1 Full time
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems - Hardware Engineering Manager US-CA-Palo Alto-Deer Creek-Office 1 Full time
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems - Safety Systems Architect US-CA-Palo Alto-Deer Creek-Office 1 Full time
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems - Simulation Systems Engineer US-CA-Palo Alto-Deer Creek-Office 1 Full time
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems – Development, Simulation, and Validation Tools Engineer US-CA-Palo Alto-Deer Creek-Office 1 Full time
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems – Simulation and Validation Systems Lead US-CA-Palo Alto-Deer Creek-Office 1 Full time
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems – Simulation and Validation Systems Manager

Joeyeisen | 10 maggio 2014

I think it's inappropriate to compare the Model S to the S-class Mercedes based on price because doing so ignores the present value of years of energy savings. Over an ten-year period, I would expect net savings of $2,500 annually, a total of $25,000, a present value of, say, $19,000. I'm very close to buying the Tesla, and I think of it as a $61,000 vehicle (I'm configuring an $80,000 price, net of federal tax credit).

Joeyeisen | 10 maggio 2014

Oops. Wrong thread. ^^^

Steve1501 | 10 maggio 2014

I really love reading postings how a Tesla needs this or a Tesla needs that. Elon and his team have designed, developed, and released to the consumer the most advanced automobile ever. Gimmicks like Blind Spot Detection Systems have probably been debated over and over again by the Tesla teams. Unlike other automobile companies, any new feature will subject to incredible scrutiny. Tesla does not have the luxury of beta testing options on an unsuspecting public. Tesla has to get it right the first time, and it HAS to be better than anything else on the market. We all purchased Teslas because we love the car, and we also love Elon's vision for the future. If you want to own a wannabee, buy a Volt. Otherwise, enjoy the amazing automobile that Tesla has developed.

renwo S alset | 10 maggio 2014

Steve, you are obviously a fuddy-duddy. What I want to know is when will I get auto-lowering back on my coil suspension? I have been waiting ever since I bought it.

J.T. | 10 maggio 2014

@Steve Be aware that for VIN20353 "fuddy duddy" is a term of endearment. He called me that once and he LOVES me.
As to your post, my pet peeve is when newbies call the the lack of grab handles and coat hooks "oversights," as if the engineers hadn't ridden in a car before.

carlk | 10 maggio 2014

@Steve1501 +1. MB has to continue to offer new gimmickries because Hunydai can make exactly what it's making in three years at a much lower price. Tesla does not have to do this and it should not either. Like things ir mentioned Tesla should continue to do what are disruptive and not trying to imitate MB or Hunydai.

That said it's totally legit for op to express what he/she likes to have. It just may or may not happen though.

renwo S alset | 10 maggio 2014

I only love JT because he knows what to do with cream cheese.

flodrab | 10 maggio 2014

check out this thing:

(full disclosure: I don't have it in my car, but a friend of mine does and it seems to work quite well)

yoohootesla | 10 maggio 2014

ir: Thanks for the list of job openings at Tesla. At least it gives me a clue as to what they're working on. In spite of the reservations of some of our fellow drivers, I'd love to see a few of the safety devices offered. I read somewhere that the collision avoidance system with automatic braking could reduce frontal accidents by as much as 80%. And while I don't think I'd ever need such a system to prevent me from crashing into another car, truck, motorcycle, etc. it might prevent some drunken driver or perhaps someone who's fallen asleep from crashing into me....

Roamer@AZ USA | 10 maggio 2014

@pruhawk, Very fair question to ask. I am not aware of any near term plans for that system. No doubt it will be available at some point in the future. Don't grow old waiting, if you like the car buy it. You won't be disappointed.

Tesla seems to incorporate upgrades into production as they are finalized and ready to offer so it is hard to know exactly what may show up in the future. I much prefer the Tesla system of adding improvements whenever they are ready rather than the Legacy auto makers that save everything up for a model year release that never makes sense and the years seem bizarre. You can probably by a 2015 something somewhere. Change some sheet metal and add some chrome and viola you have a new model year to hype.

MS-lover | 11 maggio 2014

We had blind spot monitor installed (Goshers Blind Spot Detection System). Most helpful at night (lots of bright lights) and bad weather when it is difficult to see around the car. Some false alarms but I have it on high sensitivity. Installed on our leaf. Both cars have mobileye.

as they point out in the article, neither is a replacement for maintaining a safe following distance, checking your mirrors, and looking over your shoulder when changing lanes.

I find both devices helpful (for me) especially mobileye.

NOLEK SUM | 11 maggio 2014

A good, valid question, and the responses are typically hilarious. I love those who feel that the Tesla is the absolute perfect vehicle and that any suggestion that it can in anyway be improved is heretical. Burn 'em at the stake!

Some seem to forget that this is still very much a niche vehicle owned by early adopters and sold in relatively low numbers. It's simply not-yet-the car for everybody.

Blind spot warning? Yes, I know how to set my rearview mirrors to eliminate the blind spot, and do so, but I've had cars with a warning system and it is a nice additional safety feature. The Brits refer to this is belts and braces. It has also proven to be very popular. So why not ad it? There are certain things one comes to expect on the $90,000 car. And you purists will probably be proven wrong, and Tesla probably will have it in the future. And this car could really use it, because visibility, frankly, sucks. The rear window is like a porthole, and the widethe side pillars make side viewing difficult and dangerous. You can disagree, but that is MY OPINION!

You purists would also object to cruise distance control. Why it's just as easy to use your foot to slow the car and speed back up again isn't it? Well, I've had that, too, and it is fantastic. Physicists tell us that if every car on the road had and used cruise distance control it would virtually eliminate traffic jams. But the great Elon Musk did not included iton the world's most spectacular vehicle so it must not be a useful feature.

NO2PTRL | 11 maggio 2014

Nor does Elon like ashtrays, but I still see drivers puffing away and stinking up their beautiful cars.

When the car drives itself, I will give up on using my own eyes, until then these new devises could help, but should not be used in place of good driving habits.

I am already on the road with nuts texting and talking on the phone, give them these things and they will think they are invincible.

I just stopped by a Tesla authorized repair shop yesterday to get the name of a ding removal guy "yes some careless ahole Tesla owner put a ding in my car at the Buellton Charging Station" and the lot was full of 2 day old cars where the new owner was using his 17 inch screen and crashed the car.

Until we have self driving cars, it is ALL EYE'S ON DECK!

Steve1501 | 11 maggio 2014

@ VIN20253 - you are right. I am a fuddy-duddy, and I will wear the designation as a badge of honor.

@ J.T. - I totally agree with your observation that anyone who thinks that grab handles and coat hooks are "oversights" completely the miss the target and label themselves as newbies.

@Carlk - thank you for supporting my comment that Tesla should be Tesla and not imitate other car makers. Let the other companies try to follow Tesla's example.

carlk | 11 maggio 2014

"There are certain things one comes to expect on the $90,000 car."

Hmmmm... what about those features MS has but not on other $90,000 cars and your "expected" list? You want to ask Tesla to get rid of them for you? I think you're asking too much to want to spend $90,000 for a perfect car.

NKYTA | 11 maggio 2014

And this car could really use it, because visibility, frankly, sucks.


I refuse to drive my wife's 2005 Mustang, because I can't see out of it.
The new Camaro's and Challengers look cool from the outside but they have less visibility for the driver - simply horrid.

The rear window is like a porthole? Back to my wife's Mustang, it is much worse especially because it is a convertible.

The only car I've owned that has better visibility than my MS was my '95 Jetta - very thin "B" pillar.

Physicists tell us that if every car on the road had and used cruise distance control it would virtually eliminate traffic jams.

No, I think those are Statisticians telling you that.
Damn lies and statistics and all that.

NOLEK SUM | 11 maggio 2014

But Carik, it already IS perfect!

Steve1501 | 11 maggio 2014

@Carlk - your last comment is the most astute observation that I have read on this forum. You just said what he all think.

NKYTA | 11 maggio 2014

Good grief @Gadfly. Of course the car isn't perfect. Is any car? Maybe Q from the James Bond films can design a car that goes underwater, shoots lasers, carries plywood, has awesome cupholders and carries five kids to soccer practice. Maybe, in fantasy-land.

You can be a fan of the car and the company without worshipping it/them at the altar. The car could have other goodies and some will come and some won't. The software will get better on Telsa's timeline (but it will get better and that isn't happening at other car companies just yet). However, it is a public company, so guess what? That timeline is not yours to choose. Elon and the executive team and to a small the degree the shareholders are deciding that.

Buy a 51% share of the stock. If you can't do that, buy some.
VOTE on the PSEL and TeslaTaps site for new features they are important to you.

Bighorn | 11 maggio 2014

It's not the Starship Enterprise--I wish all these Trekkies would accept the car for what it is now. It will evolve in due time.

church70 | 11 maggio 2014

It's okay to criticize Tesla get over it

church70 | 11 maggio 2014

fing stockholders lol

billbaggy | 11 maggio 2014

I think the point is that we would all gladly like upgrades that have been suggested if they were available, and there is nothing wrong with desiring them on the car, this just isn't a priority at the moment for Tesla. I don't think they will sell significantly more vehicles because of blind spot indicators or the like. There is already a backlog of orders. So if you are waiting for this feature or that feature before you purchase, that time may never come or come very late and you'd be missing out on a whole lotta fun driving in the meantime.

DSK | 12 maggio 2014

@purhawk -- I am so sorry for all the unnecessary responses you got for posting your very legitimate question. New vehicles at 1/3 of the prices of the Model S sometimes do have features, such as lane departure warning, blind spot detector, parking sensors (note, these are *now* available, not when I got my S), ventilated seats and quite a few other features as well. What you apparently failed to realize is that when you show interest in or purchase a Model S, it comes with it an oath to eschew any other technology that the Model S doesn't include. Bah humbug, we say, ventilated seats, we prefer sweaty thighs and balls! The Model S is the #1 selling car among the caveman with internet access. Yes, we cavemen adopted electricity only to (1) power our laptops so that we could have the internet to connect on Tinder and look up fire-starting videos on you tube -- oh and leave stupid comments on threads; and (2) to charge our Teslas, because today's caveman needs an eco friendly vehicle alternative.

Other frivolous advancements unnecessary to us:
knives - that is what we have teeth for
dental hygiene - that is why animals have fur
toilet paper - duh, that is what the left hand is for
social life - duh, that is what the right hand is for
electricity - no point in it until the internet and Tesla
internet - surprisingly, we are fine with the internet, nice for making dumbass comments, saves time over traditional cave painting, facebook much better than cavewall
etiquette - we completely reject the idea that if we have nothing to positively contribute to your legitimate question that we should just skip by it and say nothing at all! Bah humbug, you should be ridiculed for your bourgeois desire to have a useful technological option for your car!! Hah, you are probably one of those skirt-wearing lady-men that thinks a center console would be useful. And ruin the perfect place for me to put my club?

David Trushin | 12 maggio 2014

Hey Bighorn,

The Starship Enterprise was not perfect; they did build 4 replacements, after all.

J.T. | 12 maggio 2014

@David At least 5 actually. Lots of letters left in the alphabet.

NO2PTRL | 12 maggio 2014
Goshers Blind Spot Detection System

Checked out this site, and everything that they say this unit will do for you is what you should be doing for yourself.

* Drifting out of your lane
* Going over the speed limit
* Following to closely
* Car stopped in front of you
* Blind spot detection

I guess if I am texting all the time, this would be great! Are we so lax in our driving skills that we need to be told these things with a loud buzzing noise in the car?

I really don't get it. Can someone give me a situation where you are not watching traffic and would need to be alerted to these issues?

In California "thank god" it is now against the law to even hold your cell phone. I have seen several folks pulled over to get their $300 ticket. It should also be against the law to eat while driving, tired, etc.

Driving a 2 ton potential killing machine should deserve all of our attention, not just some of it.

Can't wait for driver-less cars, so the human aspect will be removed!

J.T. | 12 maggio 2014

Man, the Tesla is so much fun to drive. Well worth the money for all of the grins.

Can't wait for driver-less cars, so the human aspect will be removed!

Sounds like it'll be a hoot! | 12 maggio 2014

I think Tesla is happy to entertain new ideas and features. They keep adding them all the time! That said, if there is something you want now, just add-it! There are plenty of third-party solutions to just about any feature you could want (that is those offered by any other manufacturer, except an ICE engine). No car has everything, and I doubt you could sell it if it did. I don't need Batman fins, nor much else!

I did want parking sensors. I didn't complain when they were unavailable, but just added them myself. Problem solved.

I do wonder if other car makers get the list of missing features:
- This car doesn't have a 3G connection?
- You mean I can't get air suspension?
- How do I change the steel body to aluminum?
- If I buy the 16-cylinder engine upgrade will it finally beat the MS?
- I have to buy a new car every year to get the latest software features?
- Are there any options to boost the safety rating to 5-stars?
- Where is the 17" HD screen upgrade?

I'm trying to add a bit of levity to this thread and is not meant as a put-down or to discourage good questions like the OPs that are fairly asked.