Brightness and Buzzing

Brightness and Buzzing

Why are the ambient lights linked to the dash brightness? I think the ambient lights are beautiful and look great bright, but the main screen is just too bright at 90% or 100% at night to be safe and distraction free while driving at night. Lowering the brightness on the dash below 90% causes the buzzing, and I can understand why the engineers decided to combine the two systems (dash and ambient brightness). Seems like an easy software fix to me.

michaelwm | 4 dicembre 2012

I spoke with a service manager at their Menlo Park center, who said that the buzzing is a known issue that they're working on. As you've observed, it occurs when the ambient lights are on and the screen brightness is dimmed.

BYT | 4 dicembre 2012

@michaelwm, thanks for that information as I also contacted them about the buzzing noise and the ambient light connection but hadn't yet heard an answer. Waiting for the v4 update to see if that solves any of that, but as it's not on the list, I don't think it will.

ljarrett | 4 dicembre 2012

I spoke to someone in service at Santa Monica. He said the same thing... That it's related to dimming the ambient lights which are currently linked to the brightness setting for the screen. He said it was something that would be able to be fixed with a firmware update.

Beaker | 4 dicembre 2012

I have the buzzing sometimes. After reading this it may be only at night. Has anyone tried to turn off the ambient lights? I'll give it a try next time I hear the buzzing.

BYT | 4 dicembre 2012

Yes, turning off the ambient light solved the buzzing problem for me, I can confirm that... :)

TikiMan | 4 dicembre 2012

Yes, the lights under the door armrest (front and rear), are in the process of being replaced with ones that don't buzz. Everyone has temp lights currently (just like the visors).

Brian H | 4 dicembre 2012

I thought it was intended to attract bugs, and zap them! ;)

Beaker | 4 dicembre 2012

TikiMan -- thanks for the update.

hfiennes | 4 dicembre 2012

Buzzing is very likely the ceramic capacitors singing as they are PWM'ed (for dimming). Increasing the PWM frequency would drive them up out of audible range, which if possible would be cheaper than replacing the lights :)

JoeFee | 4 dicembre 2012

But your dogs could still hear the buzz!

mrspaghetti | 5 dicembre 2012

heh, dogs might consider the Model S the noisiest car on the road :)