Buyer's Remorse?

Buyer's Remorse?

I'm about ready to finalize my MS order. Has any current MS owner experienced "buyer's remorse" after owning their car for a period of time? Buying the MS is big expense with questionable residual value years down the line.

Darmok | 4 marzo 2013

The wife was a bit skeptical until we got the car, but after a couple of weeks loves the car and is talking enthusiastically about getting her Model X next year. She also had a good time turning the AC on from the app as I drove home from work today. At least she couldn't honk the horn!

JonathanDurning | 4 marzo 2013

Nearly 2000 miles of big smiles in just 3 weeks of ownership. This car exudes endorphins. No regrets.

GLO | 4 marzo 2013

Ni regrets,,,love our car. Will never go back..

RanjitC | 4 marzo 2013

Joe get the P85 otherwise you will regret it. I moved from a Carrera S to the P85 both are 4 sec cars but the P85 is so much better. Absolutely no buyers remorse. Dont get me wrong there are plenty of things I can complain about but this is THE CAR.

winfriedwilcke | 4 marzo 2013

I usually don't name my cars, but I'm tempted to name mine (now 2 days old) the FDR:

As in 'speak softly and carry a big stick' That's exactly how the MS feels.

Salman | 4 marzo 2013

@winfriedwilcke, I think you meant Teddy Roosevelt, not FDR.

Brian H | 4 marzo 2013

Yabbut, "goose pedal" sounds like "gas pedal", and says more! Bonus, it can cause double-takes and groans. Priceless.

Good news: both are fixable. A second charger can be added/inserted, and the HPWC you can buy anytime (requires adequate wiring hookup, of course).

dr_gko | 4 marzo 2013

I've had my standard 85 for a week and the only regret I have is not getting the performance version.

winfriedwilcke | 4 marzo 2013

Oops, yes, I meant Teddy Roosevelt. I'm from Europe, as a lame excuse :-)

pilotSteve | 4 marzo 2013

No regrets, I grin like a teenage fool every time I get in my car! Would NEVER go back to my BMW 5-series again. Take the plunge.... you will LOVE this car!

Salman | 4 marzo 2013

@winfried, no excuse necessary, I was being a pedant because I really didn't have anything else useful to add to the conversation. :-)

But I will say this: I've had my MS a month, I love it, and have absolutely no remorse. That's not to say it's a perfect car, but it exceeds my expectations in so many ways.

brijam | 4 marzo 2013

I've had my P85 for a month and will hit 1,500 miles tomorrow. I must say that I have exactly the same experience as all the other Model S owners: pure joy. No regrets. No remorse. I absolutely love this car.

Could there be more gadgets and goodies? Sure. Is it perfect? Of course not. Nothing is perfect. But it's really, really close.

I'm glad I loaded the car up with everything except the twin chargers, which I can add later. Still not convinced it's time to do that yet. In a year or two when there are more 70a chargers around, maybe.

rterry | 5 marzo 2013

Absolutely no remorse. No color remorse either (silver/black). I LOVE my new all-electric sports car!!! Working hard to have my wife consider the Model X in the future...

jemartin | 5 marzo 2013

I'll chime in on the side of those who got the standard 85kWh and still think it was the right choice (i.e. not getting the P85). I've driven both. Yes the P85 is quicker, but I've gotten into too much trouble already with the 85, and it's plenty quick compared to most ICE cars already. I also wonder what the "P" does to range...

GoTeslaChicago | 5 marzo 2013

2 months, 11 days, 2,500 miles and no remorse, just pure joy, pride and confidence.

Joy, as in pleasure to drive. Pride to own the pinnacle of American ingenuity and engineering. Pride in Elon Musk, his team, and America for creating it. Confidence that I made the right decision, with no remorse. Confidence that Tesla is on the right track and will be sucessful.

Electron | 5 marzo 2013

Jemartin- I'm with you man, the standard 85kwh is scary enough for me, I don't need that kind of temptation :)
No regrets either yet, by the way. Even the standard sound system sounds nearly as good to me as the upgraded sound in my old Audi and Toyotas.

Captain_Zap | 5 marzo 2013

My greatest remorse is this:

I didn't respond to a myserious invitation I got via email from Tesla. I took a wild guess that it was an invitation to the Eastern US Supercharger un-veiling.

I learned later that I was invited to the Motor Trend "COTY" presentation. DOH!

How cool, a simple customer invited to an event that is like the Academy Awards for cars!

dortor | 5 marzo 2013

took delivery today - no regrets - car is awesome!

davidcjones | 5 marzo 2013

Regrets? No. Well, Yes. With a Roadster 2.5 Sport and a Model S Signature (non-performance) in my garage, I regret that I can't afford adding a Model X when it comes out!


LK | 5 marzo 2013

Ha, ha, Ha Ha ha, Ha, ha ha, ah-ha, ha ha ha...

Ok in all seriousness... what's this post about?

skkhow | 5 marzo 2013

I regret not getting the performance!

Brian H | 5 marzo 2013

How much everyone regrets buying an MS, of course! And all the reasons why. What're yours? <;o

glenster | 5 marzo 2013

I picked up my P85 on 3/1 and I have to be honest for a $100,000 car I expected that the seats would have been more comfortable more cushion/support/lateral support, etc. I feel that in an effort to save weight (and expense) that TM cheapened out on the seats...again this is just my opinion. I personally work for Porsche so I am used to really well made seats (BMW and LEXUS do a very good job as well with their seats). I also think that the "interior storage engineer" failed in his job to design and integrate door storage pockets and a usable center console for sure! Also why no fold down armrest for the center rear seat? These things are really important to the American consumer (not so much for the European consumer)

Captain_Zap | 5 marzo 2013


Doesn't your lumbar support inflate and deflate when you press on the round knob on the side of your seat? These seats are far more comfortable than seats in the last Porsche we had.

Salman | 5 marzo 2013

@Beepbeep, 'better', or 'bigger'? If the former, what are your complaints?

portia | 5 marzo 2013

second/third/or more many posts, this is THE most expensive car I have ever bought, more than 4000 miles now, VIN 402, fully loaded, definitely NO remorse. I have washed (by hand) the car so many times and I have started to dust it daily...

Tiebreaker | 6 marzo 2013

@glenster - Any regrets?

Pungoteague_Dave | 6 marzo 2013

Salman, beepbeep is the poster formerly know as nickniketown. Proper response is to flag as inappropriate anything seen from that source. After a few flags the post disappears, so it is a way to self-police the forum. Note that the post you responded to is now gone. We figured out how to kill him off rather than feed his ego. His English is so bad that every new moniker he comes up with will also be easy to kill off. Admittedly some got a bit antsy with this discovered power, so inadvertently stuffed a couple posters who turned out to be legit.

It is great to see so many happy owners. We all have issues, but it is such a breakthrough vehicle, that we all would do it again anyway. So far no one would give back their car from what we can see in this thread. Cheers!

CarlE_P439 | 6 marzo 2013

No regrets. I must say that until Superchargers are everywhere, you must plan long trips carefully (particularly in cold weather). Any car you buy (ICE, EV or otherwise) has residual value in the future. No gas, a very quiet ride, and excellent performance; what's not to like???

djp | 6 marzo 2013

PD - My guess is BeepBeep (NNT) writes his posts in another language and uses a language translation tool that doesn't get it quite right

M5toMS | 6 marzo 2013

I placed my reservation a week-and-a-half ago, in DC, with the intention of getting the standard 85 rather than the p85. I test drove both, and it seemed to me the extra "Performance" acceleration was something I would rarely take advantage of. And if I took advantage of it with my wife and kids in the car, I'd be divorced before I got back to the garage. :-)

For context, I've been driving a BMW M5 since I bought it new in 2000. So I'm familiar with a (ICE) performance experience, as well as the limited driving scenarios in which I can actually leverage it.

I'd be interested in feedback from standard 85 owners, as well as p85 owners who are familiar with both configurations.

jbherman | 6 marzo 2013

@djp: Do they speak a different language in New Hampshire?! That's where he claims to live.

djp | 6 marzo 2013

jbherman - I don't believe anything he claims

jd3tm | 6 marzo 2013

Buyers Remorse...

I spent 4X more than I have ever spent on a car!

I couldn't get any "deal" when I bought the car...paid FULL LIST PRICE which I have never done, EVER!

I waited for over a year from my $40,000.00 "deposit" until I finally received my Model S!

These should have resulted in huge buyer's remorse.

I have certainly been anxious!

I received my Sig Perf MS on 2 Nov 2012, it now has >5000 miles on it, and I still have my Tesla GRIN everytime I go anywhere!

Absolutely NO remorse! It is a GREAT looking car; a GREAT driving experience; and, the most fun car I've ever purchased.

Worth every penny!


Sig 692

DouglasR | 6 marzo 2013

@M5toMS, your question is dealt with in this thread:

M5toMS | 6 marzo 2013

Thanks @DouglasR, I didn't see the other thread until after I posted.

exPGAhacker | 6 marzo 2013

Remorse? First ex-wife. More remorse? Second ex-wife. Largest remorse? Not going all in for the Performance S instead of this "slow" 85kWh dog. Haha!. After 2,120 miles I am still loving every second of driving this car. In fact, only 48 minutes left before I get to leave for the doctor's office and drive this gem!

AmpedRealtor | 4 giugno 2013

I would have to disagree that the Model S is only "for the rich". So does everyone here define themselves as rich? When I contacted Tesla with some questions, they said a fair number of these cars sell to people currently driving a Prius, Honda Civic, etc. and who want to take the next big step.

Financing a $95,000 car with 20%-25% down will get you a payment right around, or just under, $1,000/mo. For many of us even with average incomes, because of the low cost of housing in some states combined with very low costs of living, you can live very comfortably with a $800/mo house payment (for a 3,000+ sqft home w/ pool and solar) and a $1,000/mo car payment that is then tax deductible for business use and also saves you money on gas.

This is absolutely NOT a toy for the rich or something reserved solely for those with a taste for "supercars" or "exotics". So just for the record, there are a lot of us who don't make six figure incomes who are taking a serious look at this car.

BYT | 4 giugno 2013

My last car was a 2003 Honda Accord, before that, another 1994 Honda Accord and before that, a 1985 Honda Civic. I'm not rich and in fact, I'm not even a well to do Middle Class man for my wage in California. Model S was the best value for my money, plane and simple and I would have made the same choice again if I had too but this time upgrade to the P85+ :)

Tee | 4 giugno 2013

P85+ here and no buyer's remorse. The wife and kids love the car as much as I do. We have never spent even remotely close to what we did for the MS but it IS worth every penny. The MS is more than just a car. It's like a new family member for us. It's amazing to see our young children forgo purchasing toys and extraneous junk to pay off the car and save up for the Model X.

exPGAhacker | 4 giugno 2013

I'm not rich, and my only regret comes from the fact that I am not rich. I regret I can't afford to buy my fiancee her own MS.

Not yet at least...

Captain_Zap | 3 agosto 2013

In retrospect, maybe we should have kept quiet about our thoughts that the car was "a steal".

gregsbeach | 28 ottobre 2013

Here are my regrets....I bought the 85KW S, should have upgraded to the P. The exhileration of the drive is what i paid for, and should have stepped up.

here are some ideas for the TESLA design folks: The sun visors are too narrow, and my wife wants a bigger mirror on her visor. (I know had to get nitpicky because everything is so darn good...)Also, by REVERSE lights are not very bright to back up with. ALstly, no one I know has gotten more than 14,000 miles on their tires. What is up with the factory alignment and short lifespan of these?

fawu | 28 ottobre 2013

Per Consumer Reports:

Percentage of owners who would definitely purchase that same vehicle again: 99%


Mark K | 28 ottobre 2013

What an affirmation this thread is.

A shill uses a new alias to plant yet another bogus seed of doubt about this car.

Instead, it backfires, and results in one of the most ringing endorsements of the car yet - by people who own it and know what they are talking about.

I have two Model S's, and wouldn't trade them for cars costing twice as much. More than any other car, this one will make your life better.

How ironic that an attempt at disinformation results in such clarity.

GDH | 28 ottobre 2013

There has to be some regret, there so many of them for sale on Autotrader and, to bad none of them are Signature Red =)

suegie | 28 ottobre 2013

I adore my Model S...and, after using a loaner performance model, would probably have opted for the Signature Performance instead of the Signature Model S. But it sure makes driving a lot more fun...even in traffic. The air suspension...the instant torque...internet radio...I'm just thrilled! I wish I could have taken advantage of the new parking sensor option...but otherwise I am just happy as heck!

AmpedRealtor | 28 ottobre 2013

I am as happy as the proverbial clam! :)

Yes, I've had issues. Yes, they have been resolved. Yes, this is the best car that I've ever owned. Yes, I would buy another in a heartbeat if I hit the lotto. No, I will never buy an ICE vehicle.

Olof | 28 ottobre 2013

No buyer's remorse at all!! Quite the opposite.

Had it for four months and constantly seeking excuses to drive it and to take detours.

I only regret that I didn't order it years ago to get it summer of 2012. I have missed out on one year's worth of MS driving :-)

I guessed it would be a great car when I saw the first sketches. But not until I got my hands on it did I understand that it is a hard core amazing life changing experience.

Mathew98 | 28 ottobre 2013

@AmpedRealtor - I am sure that you regretted letting your SO drive your beloved MS! Have you resolved how much Tesla time you are willing to give up?