Buyer's Remorse?

Buyer's Remorse?

I'm about ready to finalize my MS order. Has any current MS owner experienced "buyer's remorse" after owning their car for a period of time? Buying the MS is big expense with questionable residual value years down the line.

AmpedRealtor | 28 ottobre 2013

@ Mathew98 - LOL... OMG don't ask... I'm in so much hot water!

Roamer@AZ USA | 28 ottobre 2013


May well be up-graders selling to get the latest and greatest I was going to then just decided to keep the first one and add another.

Not uncommon for people to buy on spec and then resell with a markup for no waiting. Not sure that will work with this car. Maybe with the X.

Doubt you are seeing many I didn't like the car sells. Maybe a few who did not do their due diligence and had no idea what they were doing or getting into. I still see numerous naive comments from clueless people that thought they were buying a couch or something.

jonlivesay | 28 ottobre 2013

None what so ever. The car if fun, fast and good for environment compared to ICE vehicles. Okay one regret, and not really a regret just anxious to see a Tesla supercar available in the future.

howsbayou2 | 28 ottobre 2013

No real buyers' remorse but having recently driven a P85 Versus my S85 would like to have that performance. The reason I didn't was because of the 21 inch wheel ride and replacement tire hassle/expense.

bobcls | 29 ottobre 2013

Had remorse after ordering the red and thinking.. man I should have ordered the white. WRONG the red is spectacular and driving the car is like a mini vacation. One month and I am still blown away.

Brit.l.T | 29 ottobre 2013

i have serious buyers remorse.... I should have got the p85 in the red and the 60 kw in the blue... not the other way around.

teslamaniac | 29 ottobre 2013

One remorse: my black Tesla is great looking but I think white will stand out more .

lolachampcar | 29 ottobre 2013

Ok, someone has to have wished they did not buy the car.

EJH | 29 ottobre 2013

Well, a part of me is now wishing that I had held out for the X...
My red P85 is exquisite, plain and simple, but all-wheel drive???

Buyer's remorse for this car is virtually impossible.

Mathew98 | 29 ottobre 2013

I only wish I pulled the trigger a few months earlier to get the S40 and the $12.5k discount instead. I have way more juice in S60 for my daily commuting needs.

ccbldg | 3 dicembre 2013

No remorse here either. Actually thinking of adding a Model X to the garage too.

rockxyzzy | 8 dicembre 2013

I have a P85, not plus, and I had, and still have, some buyer's remorse. All in all, the thrill I experience every moment that I'm behind the wheel overwhelmingly overshadows any remorse, but since you asked…

Background: I bought an inventory (service loaner) vehicle with 4,500 miles on it. Tesla did a good job of disclosing the very few things that were wrong with it (some curb rash and a very very slight dent on the interior door trim).

The biggest feeling of remorse was when I first drove the vehicle. During my test drive, I drove a P85+, not a P85 and while I expected there to be some difference in the handing between the + and non-+, I was shocked at how much back end sway and instability there was. To put it bluntly, the car handled worse than any vehicle I had ever driven, bar none. It was so bad that I couldn't believe this was acceptable performance. I contacted Tesla service and explained the problem and scheduled a visit to the local service center. The week between picking up the car, deciding to call, and getting the car to the service center was quite filled with buyer's remorse. I was afraid that the handling I was experiencing was "as good as it was going to get" (to quote Jack Nicholson).

My fears were quite unfounded, as it turned out. A quick test drive with Jack from the Farmers Branch service center confirmed that things were quite amiss with the handling. Six hours later (after spending the afternoon with the exact same P85+ that I had test driven three months earlier), I was reunited with my P85 and its handling was overwhelmingly improved. Gone was the sway and instability. A bunch of adjustments in the back end had gone out of spec (presumably during transport from CA for delivery to me?) and putting everything back to spec solved the problem. I loved my Model S again! Now (and I can say this because I drove a P85+ and my P85 extensively in the same day), the difference between my P85 and the P85+ is more akin to the difference between a non-M BMW and an M and is entirely acceptable.

I'm glad that I spoke up when things just didn't feel right with my "new" P85 and I think the local service center for jumping right on it.

That said, I do have some things that I would do differently were I doing it again:

-I love the + performance so much that I think I would have done more to afford the +. As good as the P85 handling is, the + is just that much better and would have been worth it.

-I wish I had thought to see if I could throw the extended warranty and service plan into the loan. It never occurred to me and nobody at Tesla suggested it. It was a bit of a pain coming up with the $$$ for the service plan within 30 days of buying the car. I haven't splurged for the extended warranty yet, but I'd like to before Tesla raises the price or discontinues it or somehow makes it less attractive or available.

The above two things are probably the only real things I wish I had done differently. Everything else would have been nice in ideal circumstances, but certainly not worth losing sleep over.

-Dallas is buried under an inch of ice this weekend. It reaffirms that I would have liked the cold weather package, even as rarely as I would need it.

-I wish I had parking sensors. This car is huge!

Other, non-remorseful, stray thoughts on things that my inventory car had that I may not have purchased had I bought the car new, but I'm glad I have:

-the interior lighting: Probably not worth $1000, but they were part of the inventory car that was perfect in every other regard. I love the look now that I have them.

-performance sound system: Of all the criticisms of the Model S, the criticisms of the sound system seem most justified. I have the performance system and it's "good." I can't imagine what the non-peformance system would sound like. I'm glad I'm not driving around in a $100,000 car with a sound system that I find lacking.

-the Alcantara headliner is really nice. I'm glad my inventory car happened to have it. Same with the leather accents inside.

-I didn't think I'd care about the performance seats, but they're really growing on me. I think the cloth edges will help prevent leather "crumple zones" on the edges that I've seen form on other cars with leather seats.

Captain_Zap | 8 dicembre 2013


I complained a great deal about the Premium Sounds Studio. Much later I found that I had a blown amp. If you have weak sound through the rear you might have that checked out. I do still wish it had 5.1 discrete sound.

lolachampcar | 8 dicembre 2013

Please drop me an email regarding handling :)
with the obligatory dot

Panoz | 8 dicembre 2013

I read this thread with interest, as a potential purchaser. For me, it's the price and the fact that I don't need a replacement vehicle at this time. I just want one.

pramod1969 | 8 dicembre 2013

My only remorse is that I purchased a Tesla with 21" wheels. I wish I did more research before I got Tesla fever.
It is a great car and definitely get P85 but with 19" wheels. I love the car over my Audi S7 and CLS I owned earlier this year. I was thinking between Tesla P85 vs. Audi RS7 and I am glad I purchased MS.

S4WRXTTCS | 8 dicembre 2013

I'll admit that part of the reason I originally delayed my order was to see other "trusted" people faired that ordered about the same time as I.

I figured I'd give them about 6 months with their cars to see how they faired before I took delivery. I had a bunch of other reasons.

So far I haven't seen a single one of them have any MAJOR regrets. Sure they had some issues here, and there but overall their happy with their cars.

There are some things that came up like Sunshade, wiper performance etc that concern me. But, nothing that is overly problematic. The car is still bigger than I want, but the wait for a smaller version is just way too long. I don't have that much patience.

Brian H | 8 dicembre 2013


I wonder if many MS owners will trade "up" to the GenIII when it comes out.

CalDreamin | 8 dicembre 2013

I regret that I did not order a Model S sooner. Took delivery of my S85 in June, now have 12K miles. Best car I've ever owned.

kevjo | 8 dicembre 2013

Zero, zip, zilch, nada, nothing, not for a nano-second have we had one molecule of buyers remorse.
On the contrary, after 10 months and 8k miles we're more in love than ever.

Mark K | 8 dicembre 2013

Yep, I've got buyer's remorse. I regret that I only bought two.

Definitely more Tesla's on the horizon for our house. Especially a nextgen Roadster to replace my MB SL.

Model S is easily overall the most satisfying car that I've ever owned (and I've had some very sweet rides).

Panoz | 9 dicembre 2013

@Mark - you just can't top that one...

AmpedRealtor | 9 dicembre 2013

I was separated from my Model S for a month while I was on "vacation" (not really a vacay, but I digress). Aside from dying to see my family again, a close #2 on the list was driving my Model S again. And since I returned, I've taken every excuse to go for a drive. No remorse here. None whatsoever.

Best. Car. Ever.

Rte66 | 9 dicembre 2013

Yes! I wish I got the Pano roof.

kheimberg | 9 dicembre 2013

I have owned and loved a 325 Bmw for the last 29 years, and I just drove home from San Francisco to Santa Barbara last night in my new model S, and LOVE it! Yes, I was totally FREAKED, because I love driving a manual, small zippy car, but this car is faster, has much more zip, handles well, and I loved driving it! So, no buyers remorse on my part, now that I have it in my garage.

Roberto | 9 dicembre 2013

I'm getting my model S this Friday. I drive between 25,000 to 35,000 miles a year. I'm. Planning on abusing my Tesla. I will put this car to the test. My goal is to put at least 100,000 miles in 3-4 years. I'll keep everyone informed as to my thoughts and of any issues with this car. I hope that it turns out as good as all the positive comments that I've read on this forums.

Captain_Zap | 9 dicembre 2013

We are looking forward to it Roberto. Congratulations.
What kind of climate are you from?

Rkrulik | 9 dicembre 2013

A definite bit of a regret. Overall, the car is great.
That said, the rated range for the battery is typically overstated by as much as 20%-25 %. I drive in regular conditions, I don't accelerate hard, mixed between local and highway driving, keep the heat at about 67 degrees in December in ny where it is about 40 to 50 degrees outside. I haven't used much other electricity at all such as defrost, etc. It's very upsetting to fully charge the 60kw battery and have it show 200 mile range and get only to be down to 30 miles after driving 120 for the day. The heat apparently draws a huge amount of power from the battery so in the winter, expect max 150 mile range unless you want to drive without heat.

Brian H | 9 dicembre 2013

Looking forward to your posts! Be prolific and prolix, please.

Brian H | 9 dicembre 2013


steveisserman | 19 luglio 2014

This is a great thread, really helped me decide to pull the trigger.

The Tesla S is absolutely the best car I have ever owned. It appeals to all different types of owners:

- for the performance guys you can't beat the acceleration
- for the tech guys... an ipad with wheels, say no more
- for the green folks... nothing greener that I'm aware of

It's not cheap, to be sure, and I admit to hours spent on-line adding and removing features, fearfully tracking the total cost. In the end, get what you want and don't look back. For example, I skipped on the pano roof and am sorry for it. The cosmetic stuff is dealer's choice, all the other features are well worth it.

Good luck. Stop reading this and go buy your Tesla!!

amatiych | 19 luglio 2014

Just saw a guy experiencing buyers remorse. Not buying tesla but an Audi S7.
We went to kids birthday party. I pull up to let my wife and kids off and then go looking for parking. A guy in a brand new looking Audi S7 is doing the same thing. So we park next to each other. He approaches me and starts asking about my MS85. How long is the wait? How do I charge? How quiet it is ? etc. Finally as we approach the party place I manage to say that he's got a really nice car too.

He waves it off saying something like "Yeah but the V8 takes so much gas..." I could not say anything else to reply. We went in to the party place and went our own way. The guy did not appear happy.

frugaltesla | 19 luglio 2014

This car has the opposite effect, it brings joy not remorse. Whenever feeling like life is tough or getting me down, I can go to the garage and look at the car... INSTANT relief!! I saved for many years to get this car and I have NO regrets. It was delivered about 15 months ago and I have driven about 20,000 miles already. Jump in the pool, the water's great!

tezzla.SoCal | 19 luglio 2014

I wouldn't say remorse, but I was very apprehensive when I picked up my S85 Tesla. Within 3 blocks... I KNEW I MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE!

One year later (and a P85 upgrade); couldn't be happier!

perlovl | 19 luglio 2014

No remorse. We can't even thing of an option we would have changed.

In fact, everytime we are need to drive our old Lexus GS350 (i.e., drive both cars at once) I wonder when we'll be buying our second Tesla.