Buying HPWC with or without car?

Buying HPWC with or without car?

I'm contemplating on one or the other. I would like to have it before I get the car, so my instinct would tell me to order it right away and get it before the car is made. On the other hand, someone mentioned that if it was purchased with the car, the order would take precedent over an High power wall charger bought by itself. Is that true?

Also, I was also told that if bought with the car, it would come with a few extra adapters vs buying it separately. You also wouldn't have to pay for shipping because that would be included with the delivery of the car. Are those things correct too?

It would be nice to know what the truth is because I'm not sure if Tesla is giving me the right answers, because they don't sound so sure themselves.

Can anyone help with this?

jat | 16 aprile 2013

You are supposed to get a 6-50 adapter with the car if you have an HPWC on backorder (in addition to the standard 14-50 adapter; this is so you don't have to run a neutral line which the HPWC won't use). I eventually did get one, but it didn't come with my car and took weeks of asking about it. I went ahead and ran the neutral (along with 2 hots + ground) that the 14-50 plug needed since I couldn't get confirmation that the 6-50 adapter would come with the car, and it is a good thing I did, even though it cost me an extra $100 or so in wire. That adapter is $45 on its own, though I'm not sure how likely you are to find matching plugs.

I have no idea if those ordered with cars are shipped first, though I would hope so since they have been waiting the longest.

jbunn | 16 aprile 2013

Also, if you are NOT getting the second onboard charger, there is no point in gettting the HPWC.

(and this has nothing to do with supercharger option, lest someone ask)

shop | 16 aprile 2013

Presumably you are also getting twin chargers, or else the HPWC is useless.

MSNGIRL | 17 aprile 2013

Ok, so the 6-50 adapter sounds right, but if the HPWC is not on backorder, then Tesla wouldn't give this adapter? How would Tesla know you ordered the charger separately from your car order?

I understand you need the twin chargers.

I just want to know about buying the HPWC separately vs adding it with the car, if there is any added cost vs the two, and whether car orders with HPWC take precedence over orders from Tesla accessories store?

jat | 17 aprile 2013

@italianospeed - correct, the sole reason for giving you the 6-50 adapter was so you could run the wire for the HPWC (2 conductors plus ground), hook up a 6-50 outlet temporarily, and then replace it with the HPWC when it arrived without having wasted wire.

You have to be logged in to order from the store, so I am sure they can match you up with that, but I don't see how it matters.

The cost you can see is the same (though you can't finance it on the car loan if you buy it separately, if you care about that). The question of order priority can only be answered by Tesla, but good luck getting that -- I couldn't get any details on when my HPWC would arrive until they told me on Friday it would be arriving on Saturday (I gave up asking, as since January I have been told about two weeks every time I asked).

MSNGIRL | 17 aprile 2013 - Well my intention was to get the HPWC before I even got the car, but it doesn't look like that will be happening after hearing so many others have not received theirs yet. So if you order twin chargers without the HPWC, you would still get the 6-50 adapter with the car?

I see the the cost is the same but when I go to order it separately I have to pay an additional $94.61 for shipping tax.

Tesla is charging CA tax and ship rates. Whereas if I order the car Im assuming I only pay my state tax and is the shipping charge is added to the final sale of the car then or included in the delivery of the vehicle?

jat | 17 aprile 2013

@italianospeed - no, you would have to buy the 6-50 adapter separately. If there is a Tesla store near you, maybe you could pick it up from them and save shipping.

I bought the car delivered to GA, so I did not pay CA sales tax through Tesla and had to pay the GA sales tax myself to register the car. I don't know about outside the US, but here there is a flat $990 destination charge regardless of where you pick up the car.

MSNGIRL | 17 aprile 2013

Ok, Thank you for clarifying some of that. I got a few different answers from Tesla reps and wanted to get some answers from customers. When you received your HPWC after your car was delivered, did you get charged a separate shipping fee to have it shipped to you? Or was the fee included in the delivery charge of the car or was it a separate charge?

Dennis | 17 aprile 2013

@italianospeed: i received my HPWC in the mail a few weeks ago (got the car in december). but i can't use it at my condo. i was going to keep it just in case i move in the future. i'll sell it if you're interested.


jat | 17 aprile 2013

@italianospeed - no, I paid shipping ($30, IIRC) when I bought the car.

MSNGIRL | 18 aprile 2013

Sure Dennis! Im interested. How can I contact you?

Dennis | 18 aprile 2013
Robert22 | 20 aprile 2013


Would you be willing to share why you chose not to install the HPWC in your condo? I'm going through a condo install in MA myself and am curious to see if you're having some of the same problems that I am.


Dennis | 20 aprile 2013

long story just wasn't worth the hassle. i have a townhouse with a detached garage. the garage lighting and outlet are wired through the community electricity. the location of the garage puts it at least 500 ft from any metered source. i was hoping to dig a drench from my meter and install the HPWC. i had solar city come out a few times to scope out the project and none of the options were any good. particularly in the setting of a condo board that has to approve every action. in fact, my neighbor kindly switched garages with me so that i was able to charge on the 110 volt outlet. (his garage was next to the meter. my garage was so far away that it wasn't strong enough to charge). i might have gone through all the construction if it were my house alone but having to deal with the condo board on top of everything else just wasn't worth it. so i plug it in overnight at home and get about 40 miles of charge. i have a rental property near my work that i installed a 50 amp outlet. i plug it in there once every week or so to get a full charge when i'm low. not ideal but it'll do for now. no complaints though cause, as you know, this car is good for a lot of smiles. having similar issues with your install?


Robert22 | 21 aprile 2013

Indeed. The board initially wanted me to rewire the garage two phase (turns out it was never wired properly when built over 20 years ago) on my dime to the tune of 8K. Then add an additional sub-panel, transformer, separate meter and HPWC and I was looking at a 13-15K installation. I found a way to use the existing setup but will be limited to 60 amps. Not really exploiting the full benefit of my twin chargers but should be good enough if my charging solution at work craps out. I'm told the board got burned by another unit owner at some point who tapped into the common area electricity after making a "donation" to our in-house maintenance guy/ electrician. As such, they're not exactly EV friendly. Had to get the condo lawyer to draw up a licensing agreement that essentially gives me no rights. Only took me a year to get to this point. Did I mention I'll be running for a board position in June?

RonaldA | 22 aprile 2013

If you have the means an HPWC is nice to install if you are sharing on plug share etc. It will certainly speed road trips for those passing through.


jat | 22 aprile 2013

@Robert22 - how are you charging at 60A without the HPWC -- do you have a J1772 EVSE capable of 60A?

RonaldA | 22 aprile 2013

Sun Country Highway makes a j1772 with a 90 amp max rate

Robert22 | 22 aprile 2013


I meant to say that I'll be limited to a 60 amp breaker, and that will be WITH the HPWC, so I'll be getting my 80% of 60 amps ( I think that's correct but most of my electrician training came out of a high school physics class). Some will say "What's the point?" since I'm not getting much more juice than I would with a 14-50, but I like the convenience of not needing to go in and out of the trunk for the UMC which would probably end up on the ground subject to trauma from garage maintenance equipment, other cars, inquisitive owners, etc. This will be boom, boom, done. There is also the possibility that if elected as a trustee on the progressive ticket I will be able to relocate to an alternate location where I can get my 90 amps. Lastly, the slow low amperage scheduled overnight charge ending right before I'm ready to leave in the morning makes more sense to me than a 90 amp blast, both for battery longevity and to defeat vampire drain. Suggestions and/or comments on this approach welcomed.

Robert22 | 22 aprile 2013

Correction: 80 amp blast