Buying in non Tesla territory

Buying in non Tesla territory

I recently had a chance to see the Model S in person (finally) and just have to say I was still impressed. Even after drooling at the pictures online for weeks.

My plan is to move back to Europe in about 3 years, Algarve Portugal, the nearest dealership is in Spain however. I don't have too much of an issue getting the car from Spain and making all the paperwork necessary if that's the easiest route. My concern however is warranty and maintenance. If something is to go wrong and/or for maintenance (little as it might be) what are my options? Having the vehicle transported to Granada every year will surely make me reconsider.

As far as I know there are no plans for a Portugal store for the time being. And seing as it's a small country currently struggling with it's economy, there might not be plans for one any time soon.

Anyone know what the protocol is?

Volker.Berlin | 30 agosto 2012

"Tesla vehicles are designed and built to meet the unique requirements of each market and are physically different country to country as required by law. Customers should reserve Model S in the market they intend to register and drive their vehicle. Exporting cars into different markets is not supported by Tesla Motors."

That's as far as the official language goes.

DaN-PrS | 30 agosto 2012

thank you

DHrivnak | 31 agosto 2012

At least in the USA they have a roving Ranger program where they will drive to your house and do the servicing/warranty work. I am 400 miles from the nearest store so this is what I do. You have to pay a ranger fee so it is not inexpensive.

Paulo Leal | 12 dicembre 2013

Picking up an old post...

In Tesla webpage it's written: "* €2 per roundtrip km from the nearest Tesla service center, with a minimum charge of €100 (rates may vary by country)"
If the nearest Tesla service is 1000km away, does this means that a visit from Tesla ranger will be in the 2000€ range?

This issue is the one that keeps me from buying a MS, it's not viable to spend a lot of money in a car and then don't get service to it. Tesla should build a service center per country (at least) and deliver the planned dates for this implementation. (this reminded me of Apple and the first iphone, sold only in a few european countries.. Even without warranty we could buy one, all it did was to develop the jail braking process early on, not mentioning the money lost by Apple). If I knew that a service center was to be built in Portugal until end 2014- mid 2015, I would put one in reservation TODAY!

Anyway, the problem (at least for me) is not if I buy one or not, that is decided. The problem is when!. There's no way I will invest in a MS without proper assistance.

Objective1 | 13 dicembre 2013

There will be one in Spain. Does that help you?

Paulo Leal | 15 dicembre 2013

Well, it's better in Spain than in France. It surely solves the problem with regular maintenance as it's always a pleasure to go for a ride in Spanish lands (presuming the first store will be in Madrid), but if some more serious problem appears, and I do have to ask for a ranger, the price gets prohibitive.

Do you know when Tesla will open a service center in Spain? And did I read correctly? The ranger service is 2€ per km?