California HOV white sticker extension, bill AB 266

California HOV white sticker extension, bill AB 266

Looks like California Bill AB 266, extending the white sticker program for single occupant HOV lane access, has passed the Assembly and now the Senate. It would extend the program from Jan 2015 to Jan 2019. However, it seems to read that stickers will only be issued until 2015. Can anyone else confirm that interpretation?

Sdkent | 6 settembre 2013

I'm not so sure about that. AB266 extends white stickers until 2019, but not green ones. Senate bill SB286 does just the opposite. My reading is that SB268 is prevailing. The analysis or summary says only green stickers are extended. I hope I'm wrong. See

SCCRENDO | 6 settembre 2013

AB266 looks like it has passed both the house and senate and now just needs to be reconciled. SB286 seems totally unrelated.

TikiMan | 6 settembre 2013

Let's just hope Caltrans doesn't turn all the HOV lanes into HOT lanes.
With the 'greed' over 'need' mentality in California as of late, it wouldn't surprise me one bit ;-(

Sdkent | 6 settembre 2013

Just to clarify, I mistyped the senate bill number. It is SB286, not SB268. The title of AB266 is "AB-266 Vehicles: high-occupancy vehicle lanes" and the senate version of this bill is SB286, with the title of "SB-286 Vehicles: high-occupancy vehicle lanes". The bills are double-jointed to prevent conflicts in the two bills from chaptering out the other's provisions. So, I think the reconciliation will result in both white and green stickers being extended to 2019. (After all, why would a partial electric vehicle be granted HOV rights and not an all-electric?!)

wcalvin | 7 settembre 2013

Anyone understand the logic of the white sticker? Shouldn't matter for enforcement as anyone on the highway patrol can likely ID any make/model including EVs.

So is it just to keep other drivers from giving you a hard time when solo?

rbergquist | 7 settembre 2013

There is a cap on the number of stickers to be issued so once that is reached even if you have the make/model you can't use the HOV lanes. Hence the need for the sticker.

ir | 8 settembre 2013

@wcalvin: I've often confused a Model S with Jaguar on the road, similar curves and that silver bar across the back. If you have 0.5 seconds to ID a car as it zips by you really need to know what to look for. A white sticker or special plate makes it much easier for our CHPs.

OT: I heard they were experimenting with infrared cameras to count passengers. Such a gadget could nail cheats and ID cars by IR signature. Maybe then we can get rid of the stickers. | 8 settembre 2013

I have read the stickers are to help CHP ID cars. I am guessing when cars are whizzing past you at 70mph, they start to look alike.


soma | 8 settembre 2013

I have to say that I have never seen a car pulled over for improperly using the HOV lane. Tons of clueless drivers who just have no idea, and see a beautiful empty lane for themselves to use. This is one of the most frustrating things about it. We're letting it be some sort of honor/awareness system?

TikiMan | 8 settembre 2013


I have! i see single-occupency drives getting caught all the time. It's up to a $480.00 ticket, and they will still ticket you if you don't have the stickers (regardless if your vehicle applies for the program or not).

I lot of drivers assume that a CHP officer won't really care if the traffic is bumper to bumper, because it's to much of a hassle to pull you over (which in some cases is true). However, eventually these drivers are caught, because the officers take note of vehicles violating the law, and they keep an eye out for you (yes, even on the most crowded freeways).

I know, because it happend to me, before I had my MS. The officer actually told me he had been watching me, and knew my plate. He even told me what days and times he had witnessed me doing it (which was dead on correct).

Brian H | 9 settembre 2013

So, you are/were one of those HOV-cheats everyone hates! I hope you're suitably ashamed. >:{

subh_b2 | 26 gennaio 2014

Its official and on DMV website for changes in 2014, 2nd item. Extended to Jan 1, 2019

1LuckyGuy | 26 gennaio 2014

I'd NEVER ruin my car's look with those stupid stickers. Why in the hell do we need STICKERS for a car incapable of using gas? Train those brilliant cops what a Tesla is and tell them they get a pass. I'll take my chances without a sticker

SCCRENDO | 26 gennaio 2014

@jw49. The cops know what a Tesla looks like. The stickers are to show other drivers why you are driving solo in the HOV lane

Haeze | 27 gennaio 2014

Many States will instead use a different colored license plate that specifies it is an all-electric vehicle, and has the right to use HOV lanes.

California would be wise to catch up in that regard, and change the plate, rather than requiring gigantic, ugly stickers.

carlk | 27 gennaio 2014

I wonder if it will work if I just order the vanity plate "WHTSTKR"?

danej | 27 gennaio 2014

Bravo, this is great to see finally in place. This means there are at least five years of zero-emission single-drive HOV access in front of us, all for a one-time $8 fee for three stickers.

I've placed mine low, on the black plastic sections below the painted body work, and they're unobtrusive.


TFMethane | 27 gennaio 2014

@soma: there are a number of places around SoCal that you'll see CHPs sitting behind a barrier or around a corner in the center divider... poised to catch both speeders and carpool violators. Another favorite for the CHP is to wait on the shoulder just after the on ramp, where they pull over people who ignore the meter or individuals who use the meter-free carpool lane. They do plenty of enforcement, and you'd be wise to have your sticker.

@jw40: they use the sticker method because it needs to be obvious to CHP and to others. It advertises to others to go purchase a low-emission car while they are sitting in stop and go traffic. I, for one, am proud to prominently display my Carpool stickers... I bought my MS, in part to advance the cause. The stickers make me more conspicuous, even when I'm not on the freeway.

@BrianH: please forgive mistakes. I'm posting via a tablet.

skulleyb | 27 gennaio 2014

They were checking for HOV on ramp for the North 405 at Ventura Blvd today.

O EMSHN | 27 gennaio 2014

I mounted my stickers on clear, overhead transparency material. When I need them, I spray Elmer's Repositionable spray glue on them and stick them to the car. When I'm done, I peal them right off and store them in the trunk. Bit of a pain to put them on and off, but if you only need them occasionally, it is a good solution. 3M has a similar spray glue. Just make sure you use the "temporary" spray, not the "permanent" spray that comes in a very similar can.

Thomas N. | 27 gennaio 2014

I have only the single smaller sticker on the rear of my Model S. I've had no problems so far although I don't spend a lot of time in the carpool lanes.

I did have a motorcycle CHP pass me between the carpool and passing lane on the right and didn't pull me over for whatever that's worth.

I have the two large stickers in my glovebox so if I am ever stopped I will show them although at that point it might be too late.

Gizmotoy | 27 gennaio 2014

I don't want to put the stickers on, but I want the benefit so I'll get around to it eventually. Any temporary solution will likely find me with a need for the stickers and a dirty car so I'll either need to risk paint damage or find a car wash. So, I'll probably just mount them permanently, likely down on the black part of the bumper to at least make them a little less conspicuous.

BobN @US-CA-SoCal | 27 gennaio 2014

Got mine this weekend. Mounted them today, all three, low on the white (a reason to get Pearl?!) body panels. Sweet. Love em. Proud to display them - not ugly, and like most solo-HOV drivers, I like making the statement about Zero Emissions. Bought my first Prius 8 years ago because I was really late for an appointment, and got passed by a lot of sticker-legal Prius drivers. Dialed into the saving-the-planet movement later. Who knows - if it worked to get me off the bench and into the EV movement, maybe it will motivate others.

SamO | 27 gennaio 2014

There's nothing better than blowing by a line of stopped gas burners . . . except rubbing it in when everyone else is late for work. ;-)

SamO | 27 gennaio 2014

BTW . . . sold three cars using the technique