Can't see or post private threads

Can't see or post private threads

I haven't tried since the forum went down when the bulletin board was added.

Anyone else having the same issue? Or has the 'private' thread concept been removed from the forum.

NOTE: I've tried on several systems and several browsers, several of which had no cookies or cache of

olanmills | 28 novembre 2012

No, private threads are still there.

discoducky | 28 novembre 2012

@olanmills, thanks, I've contacted TM so who knows how long this will take now that they are delivering so many cars. Wish there was a way to contact the webmaster directly.

Brian H | 29 novembre 2012

Yes, occasional error messages (like the Validation Error) that say "contact Administrator" are pointless without a contact point.

muller | 24 dicembre 2012

I have the same problem, did you find a solution?

Brian H | 24 dicembre 2012

Workaround. Alt-A to highlight post, Alt-X to copy/cut, Page Back, Alt-V to paste, re-Submit.