Car Commercials on TV !!

Car Commercials on TV !!

Anyone else notice that since Model S has hit the road, the proverbial "air has come out of the balloon" with regard to automotive TV ads?

Was just watching a commercial for the "All New" (as advertised) Ford Fusion, and thought WOW that thing is obsolete! They claim it to be "all new" yet at it's core it is century old technology (even in hybrid or plug in hybrid form it's decades old technology). There is "no there there" !! The only thing new about the car is it's sheet metal, and even that copies Aston Martin. All else has been around for most of my adult life.

As a result I don't even notice or care about any manufacturers TV or print media advertising as it is all just decades old rhetoric. I just don't care about ANY manufacturers ANYTHING! now that something better (Model S), has been introduced!

All ICE cars are now just dead players and merely something to bridge the gap until the needed economies of scale are reached in Electric Drive cars to make them affordable to the masses. It won't happen overnight, but I strongly feel we are looking at the beginning of the end of the ICE and Gasoline as the primary source of propulsion for "personal transportation".

Freight hauling and Semi trucks "diesel fuel" will likely live on longer as battery power would require much of the cargo carrying capability to be taken up by the weight of the battery pack. There may be fuel cell solutions?? or?? on the horizon for those applications as well.

Good Bye ICE and Gasoline and Good Riddance!!

cloroxbb | 2 marzo 2013

I used to read a lot of car blogs on the internet and read car magazines and stuff. Now I only skim the blogs for Tesla info, and all other cars dont appeal to me.

I seriously cannot wait to own a Model S.

Superliner | 2 marzo 2013

@ cloroxbb

Absolutely + 1

Brian H | 2 marzo 2013

TM is going to pauperize the auto mags. So sad.

cloroxbb | 2 marzo 2013

Im kind of excited for the future, to see if anyone steps up and decides to compete with Tesla. All these plug in hybrids and short range EVs dont count IMO. They are far less risk, and far less worth it.

Superliner | 3 marzo 2013

@ cloroxbb

Agreed !

TeslaRocks | 3 marzo 2013

I never have been excited at the prospect of buying a car, much less a brand new one, until the model S came along. Now I dream about owning one, which is a huge step for me!

I also hate car commercials, they are so boring and annoying. I hope Tesla can maintain this "alternative to traditional advertisement" strategy for a long time, say until about half of people own a Tesla at least. Word of mouth is the best advertisement, as they say, which reinforces the idea that making a good-looking electric car that also works well is a good strategy.

Brian H | 3 marzo 2013

It's not just good strategy, it seems unbeatable. Once exposed to Tesla products, others seem quaint and grotesque. No possible campaign of TV ads can counter that!

TeslaRocks | 5 marzo 2013

Yeah I don't imagine TV car ads have much effect anymore, especially compared to their exorbitant cost. Now people who wish can just go on YouTube and watch car reviews or inexpensive recordings of test drives by other average people... I know I can't stop watching. And then word of mouth is huge, especially for something as visible as a car. I think that customers of the future will feel that their intelligence is being insulted if they are shown a TV car commercial. That's how I have felt almost my whole life, especially since most TV car ads sound macho and dumb (not to mention showcase a terrible product at a ridiculously high price).

Brian H | 5 marzo 2013

TV ads must at least drive some dealer traffic. But confronted with opposition from "word-of-mouth", I don't give them much of a chance.

FLsportscarenth... | 7 marzo 2013

Just for giggles I stopped by a Hyundai dealer to look at their 'new hybrid'. When I asked them where to plug it in they said it does not, I told them it was a waste of time and money to make a primitive vehicle like that, and that I am going Tesla, they did not like my commentary at all...

Honestly I do not like to beat up on the Volt or C-Max plug ins because they work for people that can not afford a Model S have less sense of automotive style and those models may save GM and Ford when nobody wants new pure ICE cars anymore. If the Model S was not being sold my next daily driver car would be a Volt, it is not a bad offering - at least till Gen III comes out.

Sure the Volt/Ampera is a good car that catches your attention, but Tesla is what you REALLY want... Roadster for ultimate cool, Model S for practical Sedan...

TeslaRocks | 8 marzo 2013

Yeah I think that all the people who bought a Volt are people who don't know about Tesla or the model S and/or cannot afford it. It's just a matter of time before Tesla offers a solution for everyone. For Tesla investors, profitability makes sense in that it helps with positive cash flow and growth, but it is much better that Tesla keep moving as fast as possible towards mass-market, at the cost of significant profitability. The way I see it, it's an investment. Overall Tesla has the best strategy.