Change in Turn Signal Sound?

Change in Turn Signal Sound?

Did anyone experience a recent change in the sound for your turn signals? This morning, I noticed that the sound is louder, sharper and more percussive than it has been since pickup (a little over two weeks ago).

Probably just my hearing, but wanted to ask if anyone has noticed anything.

I am on v5 and have not had any SW update notifications.

Thanks in advance for your kind help.


christurbeville | 23 settembre 2013

I may be wrong but to my ear the turn signal sounds like a mechanical sound. Some have asked for it to be changed but I'm not sure it can be.

geoljohn | 23 settembre 2013

I agree, that started happening to me a couple of days ago too. It also makes a louder weird noise when I get a phone call..

madbuns | 23 settembre 2013

Odd...doesn't seem like something that impacts driving safety, so, on my punch list it goes...

Thanks for the replies...

loefvinc | 23 settembre 2013

When i first picked up my P85 everything was fine. Then i signed into slacker and XM when suddenly the sounds from the turn signals, parking sensors, etc. all got very distorted and louder. Finally rebooted and everything went back to normal.


TikiMan | 23 settembre 2013

Odd, however, I have been noticing that as of the last few days, my Studio Sound System volume seem to dissipate when turning. I never thought about the turn signal triggering it, however, now that I think about it...

unclegeek | 24 settembre 2013

This happened to me a couple days ago.. the park sensor warning sound effect also was whacked. After I got to work, I rebooted the main 17" screen and the sound went back to normal. I reported this as a defect to

I believe it's a 5.0 bug.

madbuns | 2 ottobre 2013

Thanks again for the advice - I rebooted and the sound went back to normal - still odd, but, OK.


CoreyM | 2 ottobre 2013

I had this happen as well. It was right after I'd put the car in reverse. I heard a pop sound through the speakers and then the turn signals sounded different and there was distortion on any media source.

Reboot fixed it and it hasn't happened again.

gttex | 3 ottobre 2013

I had the same thing happen to me. It sounded like the speakers blew out and were distorted. I called the Tesla service center and they didn't have an explanation. They told me to reboot and it was fixed.

TeslaDude69 | 3 ottobre 2013

yeah, I had the same issue, turn signal, phone ringing, and seatbelt alert all changed and got louder. Rebooted and has been fine since.

dfu102 | 3 ottobre 2013

Same issue here. Running v5.0. Put the car in reverse this morning and got the new sound. I'll reboot later and see if it goes away.

Alligator | 3 ottobre 2013

Anyone notice that the daytime running light dims on the side with the turn signal blinking? Check it out in the reflection of your car in the car in front of you at a stop light.

Captain_Zap | 3 ottobre 2013


That is normal.
You can use it to wink at other Teslas on the road.

CoreyM | 3 ottobre 2013

I think the dimming daytime running lights are because of a regulation that requires the turn signals to be the brightest light in the lighting enclosure.

It's why Audi DRLs turn off when the turn signal is on.