Changed Front Bumper Lights

Changed Front Bumper Lights

I noticed that the front bumper lights looked differently before . There were 2 different designs which I think were better that the existing one. I will enclose pictures of the old designs and new designs. Just want to hear your opinion people. Maybe I have a bad taste or maybe I am right the old design looks better? Please post your thoughts.

rwang | 25 dicembre 2012

Old design was appealing a bit retro now that we look at it but more distinctive. the current one at night is quite lively.

kidalex | 26 dicembre 2012

Hmmm. Interesting. I do like the old design better, but I'm OK with the current one as well. I'm guessing Tesla wanted to make the car look as much as a "normal" ICE car as possible.

HaroldS | 26 dicembre 2012

They also added the cornering lights, and the bumper light/vent design in the earlier version wouldn't accomdate those.

ylyubarsky | 26 dicembre 2012

I still think that the old version looks fancy and futuristic comparing to the new pretty plain one

Tiebreaker | 26 dicembre 2012

The old version: those are pictures from the prototypes, not even betas. I read somewhere that the red prototype was built at cost of $1 million. AFAIK there were no cars produced with that grille and headlamps, beyond the prototypes.

michael.delune | 26 dicembre 2012

I vaguely remember a Tesla rep once telling me at some Tesla event that they may not be able to use the blue light (even bluer than traditional Xenon) because of legal issues and it could be confused with some type of police light, though it's not as bad as if it were red! Not sure whether it was fact or just a guess on his part, but I thought I'd share.

jkirkebo | 26 dicembre 2012

I vastly prefer the production variant. Also the production wheels look much better than the old prototype wheels.

Jolinar | 26 dicembre 2012

Production desighn looks much better (personal thought) and it isn't only lights but it accommodates also some A/C vents or cooling or something like that, so it's multi purpose now.
I think that design prototype looked even more futuristic than production, however keep in mind that Tesla have to attract a lot of peoples, not only EV enthusiasts, so they have to make car design bit more conservative, while maintaining futuristic lines.

aa012a | 26 dicembre 2012


I live in Miami FL... If we would have attempted to drive the car with the blue lights, we would have FOR SURE received a ticket. A few friends here in FL (motorcycle riders) learned that the hard way when colored LEDs became popular on sport bikes.

ylyubarsky | 26 dicembre 2012

Guys! I never mentioned color of the light. I just referred to design only