Charge Port for Europe

Charge Port for Europe

Hi All,

I talked to Lenny at the Tesla Store in M about the charge port for european version of the Model S. I was a little bits surprised to hear that Tesla plan another port for Europe. Clearly they will use a 3 phase system, but I was suprised to hear it might come without supercharge capapablity in this particular port. Maybee another second port for DC fastcharging? I don't know. I would hate it so see having this ugly Typ2 socket on my Model S :-(

I would rather only use 2 of the 3 phases with 32 Amp or maybe 63 Amp, than having to haviing a second socket for DC-Supercharge.

Does anyone know more about chargeport for Europe? Thx

Jolinar | 6 novembre 2012

I don't know anything about that, however it seems quite reasonable...
European version of Model S would have 2 charging ports (lets say one on each side of the car)... one for 3-phase charging (3 or 4 big pins in a connector) and one standard same as US version capable of supercharging (2 big pins in the connector).
3-phase and 1-phase charging is very different :(

DISCLAIMER: I am only guessing and I am very curious about it :-) I am hoping for CHAdeMO support too, but that's another story :)

Jackie425 | 6 novembre 2012

I talked to Tesla recently and they suggested that the EU version would "talk all languages" but I guess we have to wait for a few more weeks to find out what that translates too.
They also said great things are coming - I asked would it make Christmas - it was suggested that would be good - I asked would it make 5th December (Dutch St. Nicholas) that didn't get picked up.
All this waiting is not doing my productivity much good...

arnebjarne | 7 novembre 2012

Here in Norway the CHAdeMO charger is quite widespread, so a support for this would be a BIG asset. I hope hey can make it look nice too, though. The reason for purchasing this car is mostly that it is a real car with good design. I don`t want a big ugly port for charging sticking out anywhere! Anyways I don`t want to wait any more. If this means that they are postponing the release to Europe I would go for the original. It is just a cable.