The charged energy must be payed

The charged energy must be payed

In order to charge everywhere with 230 V single phase or 400 V 3phase
it would be necessary to have a kWh meter onboard.
Of course the owner of the plug must agree with charging at his tariff rate
and with the duration of charging (then surfing the internet, sleeping, shopping etc.)

Jolinar | 6 novembre 2012

well, I guess it's problem of charging stations if and how they want to get money for charging, not the user problem...

But if you mean paying on places which wasn't supposed to be charging station, does Model S show how much enegry is in the battery? Maybe it's as easy as look at the actual SoC before and after charging and calculate the difference yourself or doesn't even Model S show exactly how much energy was charged?
I think it shouldn't be such a problem...

Jolinar | 6 novembre 2012

btw: using supercharger is free, so you don't pay anything there :)

Brian H | 6 novembre 2012

Solar City sells more power from solar arrays than it uses, so that's how it's paid for.

jerry3 | 10 novembre 2012

Blink does it by how long you are attached, so if you are parked for ten hours but your charge ended at one hour you are charged for ten hours.

Carl Barlev | 14 novembre 2012

Some fast-charger operators here in Norway are considering a subscription-based model. Customers will pay a flat monthly fee for the right to unlimited charging at any of the providers charging stations.

You have to remember that electricity is pretty darned cheap. The major costs the operator has to recover is for the site, the charger and installation... plus a little for profit :)

For example, an 85 kWh battery will use about kr 60 worth of electricity to recharge from zero. My guess is that the fast-chargers we've been installing here in Norway have cost around kr 500,000 on average (including costs for charger, installation, site and in some cases the need to upgrade the distribution network).

So even at a 100% mark-up on the electricity price, it will still take the operator at least 8333 recharges to break even. Include costs for maintenance and back-office/payment system and the number goes even higher...

Food for thought :)

Ing_Qc | 14 novembre 2012

In the province of Quebec you pay 2,5$ per fill. It is not dependant of the time you are plugged.

FLsportscarenth... | 5 dicembre 2012

The free supercharger concept really sets Tesla ahead of the EV pack, you do not see Fiskar offering that to its customers. Another smart move by Elon...

Brian H | 5 dicembre 2012

Fisker barely qualifies as an also-ran compared to TM.

lolachampcar | 12 dicembre 2012

Fiskers lack the reliability to actually make it to a charging station (without something falling off).