Charging limited to 16 amps, 12 miles/h

Charging limited to 16 amps, 12 miles/h

i have so cal edison with a nema 14-50 240v outlet installed. normally my car charges at 40 amps, 28 miles/h which is sufficient to fully charge overnight. but for some reason it is currently charging at 16 amps and shows i still have 9 hours 40 min left on my charge. if i had to go somewhere this morning this would have been a major problem.

is the utility company limiting me or is this a tesla thing? any suggestions??

stevenmaifert | 20 luglio 2013

Try running the charge rate back to 40 amps from the charge screen. Also check your NEMA 14-50 adapter and UMC for excessive heat. They will be warm to touch, but shouldn't be super hot while charging. If so, that would indicate a problem with one or the other which would limit the current for safety and would need to be replaced. Some have reported a faulty NEMA 14-50 adapter getting so hot it actually fuzed to the UMC socket.

David70 | 20 luglio 2013

Also, is the color on your charge port lighting the usual bright green. I've had mine show a more chartreuse color. The cable wasn't pushed firmly enough into the charge port. I had been limited to 16A, until pushing it in harder.

J.T. | 20 luglio 2013

This happened to me the first time I charged. After checking the progress on my phone app I went down to check on it. I reinserted the UMC into the port and checked the flow rate. It was up to 40 amps and 30 mph.

Check your UMC. Insert it with gusto and watch for the rapidly blinking green light.

KidDoc | 26 marzo 2014

This just happened to me on day 2, had to replug it in and light went green and back up to 40 amps thanks.

lolachampcar | 26 marzo 2014

Same with my wife's new S85... Changed over to my charge cord and it charged normally. Tesla could not find a problem with her cord and said the logs indicated she had not plugged it in all the way. I thought that odd as she had the previous S85 for five months and never had the issue.

Anyway, went back to the cord that came with her car and have only seen the problem once since then. Some cords are just more prone to this problem.