Charging options for long road trips on the East Coast before 2015???

Charging options for long road trips on the East Coast before 2015???

Seems like prior to 2015, rapid charging will be hard to find on the east coast. I contacted ChargePoint (which seems to be everywhere) and asked them if they currently have or plan to have any charging stations beyond the apparent maximum of 30 amps (TOO SLOW!!!) since with the Twin Chargers a Model S could handle up to 80A and this is the response I received:

"ChargePoint (the network) is open to all manufacturers of charging stations. While ChargePoint (the company) does not currently have plans to manufacture a charger that supports 80A charging, we are ready, willing and able to support any manufacturer that does. Currently Siemens, Leviton, Eaton, and Fuji manufacture ChargePoint compatible stations with another 5 manufacturers in development but not announced. We would love to add a manufacturer/station that supports 80A charging to that list. The best thing you can do as a driver is to contact manufacturers of 80A stations and encourage them to get on the ChargePoint network."

Does anyone know of a manufacturer that supports greater than 30A charging?? I want to take longer road trips with my Model S but don't want to wait hours for it to recharge!!

TheAustin | 3 ottobre 2012

I'm with you - I'm on Long Island, and travel frequently into NYC, and also Upstate NY, Maine, etc...As of now, the charging options on 87/NY State Throughway are abysmal, or non-existent. 84 and 95 are just as bad. Come on people, let's get on this! Me want chargie!

Sudre_ | 3 ottobre 2012

There is a level 3 charger in a public parking garage in Normal, IL.

I don't know who made it.

JDun | 3 ottobre 2012

I did speak to a rep from the NYC store at the opening of the Natick, MA, store and he invited me to charge at the Tesla store in Manhattan, if I needed to. It would be hard to charge at the mall location in Naitck, but the Watertown,MA (near Boston) service station may be up an running by the end of the year. Other Tesla service center may be willing to do this as well. I imagine the density of Teslas will be low enough at first, that this will be not be a big deal and hopefully the East Coast supercharger network will be up and running soon after. We shall see.

timdorr | 3 ottobre 2012

If you're willing to do some extra stopping, you can always use PlugShare to find public spots and also private residences: As more people get HPWCs, the map should start to fill up with higher power options for you to plug into.

bfranks273 | 3 ottobre 2012

Thanks Carl, you are right. The tesla net runs up/down 95, but when? Some are 2 years or less, others more. Non-Tesla stations will be a short term problem also, diff standards. You can't have adapters as easily when the pipe is 250 amps. But we have done the vhs beta thing before - we just have to push!