Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC

Has anyone in Charlotte taken delivery of their Model S? I'm waiting on res #2945; 60kwh. Hopefully next month!

adurstewitz | 24 dicembre 2012

I have heard of at least one person taking delivery in Charlotte, although I have not seen it and they don't participate in these forums. I'm expecting mine to be delivered in the next two weeks and live in Davidson.

gail.trevor.m | 31 dicembre 2012

adrusewitz i live in charlotte and know of four others that have gotten their model s sig in charlotte you will love yours.

fdumas22 | 20 gennaio 2014

I took delivery os p85 in December. I saw a twin to my car last week. There are quite a few Tesla S ' in town.
Anyone in Charlotte knows good solution for paint protection and radar detector?

YSTP4GAS | 20 gennaio 2014

I live in CLT and took delivery of p85+ in June 2013. Got my first flat on 485 last week, damn potholes.... Not fun, but Tesla arranged the pick up of my car and tire change. They had to bring the tire down from Raleigh....
My car has been back to Raleigh twice. I am glad I kept my Honda for those unexpected visits. That being said, you will love it. I got the paint protection from Tesla. No radar detector.

BAMnoOil14 | 15 febbraio 2014

I am waiting for my MS 60. March 17th arrival. Who is the best person to install wall charger in Charlotte?

DTsea | 16 febbraio 2014

you dont need a wall charger, bamnooil14 esp for a 60. just install a nema 14-50 plug...any electrician can do it for less than $500.