Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet

With delivery (hopefully) just weeks away, I have been trying to get my wife up to speed on all of the most important Model S "need-to-knows" such as how to reboot the screens, how to open the charge port, etc. Has anyone created a cheat sheet for their spouse yet (or better still, a web page that can be pulled up on the browser) covering the basics and perhaps a few not so basic "how-to" items? I know one was done for valet parkers, but maybe something a bit more detailed and covering more day to day driving suggestions? If not, this would probably be a great thing to start as a publicly editable Google Doc!

Brian H | 17 febbraio 2013

Tap brake. Press foot to move, release to slow. Press brake if almost stopped or waiting on a hill.

TeslaTech | 17 febbraio 2013

How about the Official Tesla Model S Vehicle Demonstration here: Use this password: t35la4ALL

Then there are videos from owner Cinergi, particularly one that covers similar stuff as the official video, but some differences:

And some of his system by system videos:

And finally the Model S FAQ on Teslamotorsclub that might be the closest to an "editable Google Doc."

riceuguy | 17 febbraio 2013

TeslaTech, thanks a bunch! Anyone have tips for forcing a spouse to sit and watch videos with minimal eyeroll? :-)

Brian H | 18 febbraio 2013

Southern Comfort?

EVTripPlanner | 18 febbraio 2013

Some of my ref sheets at

drp | 18 febbraio 2013

Dan did a great job on the Vimeo.

TeslaTech | 18 febbraio 2013

@riceuguy: "Anyone have tips for forcing a spouse to sit and watch videos with minimal eyeroll? :-)"

Um, have George Clooney do the presentation? (He did own a Roadster.)

Brian H | 18 febbraio 2013

Nice embedded data! The Excel sheet: is very useful.

Fun comparison: 120V 12A takes 14X as long to charge as the HPWC.

riceuguy | 19 febbraio 2013

Thanks again all...sounds like putting the videos on the big screen and sitting her down with a glass of wine is the way to go! :-)

Shesmyne2 | 19 febbraio 2013

My husband, the computer scientist, went through all the tech stuff, screen stuff, charging stuff...
I read the manual (what a concept), set up my driver preferences with the help of my husband, and then

Brian H | 19 febbraio 2013

Salesmen weep. A product that actually does sell itself! Musk is the devil.

RacerX | 27 febbraio 2013

Is there a "User" generated checklist that you use to check out your newly delivered Tesla Model S?

Issues you need to check that others have found with the arrival of their new baby?

For example some have noticed charger handle missing a part or nicks in paint. Anyone have a link to the list?


glaserud | 27 febbraio 2013
Pungoteague_Dave | 27 febbraio 2013

Sexist much?

Brian H | 27 febbraio 2013

Label much?