Commuting in NYC via the Lincoln Tunnel

Commuting in NYC via the Lincoln Tunnel

For those who commute into NYC every day via the Lincoln Tunnel, in case you did not know, you can use the 3+ person HOV Lane. Previously, I asked the NY/NJ Port Authority via email and they never responded. A nice Chevy Volt owner told me and then I called the Port Authority Police who confirmed it. I have been doing it for a couple of days (I wish I knew it 6 months ago) and it has cut 15-20 mins off my commute because you avoid the helix by getting off for Weekhawkin and then looping around and entering the HOV lane.

ericallyn | 17 dicembre 2013

Do you need the Clean Pass Vehicles Stickers to use this lane?

JoshFriedlander | 17 dicembre 2013

It does not appear so. When I called the Port Authority Police, they did not say that you did. They have not stopped me yet and the Chevy Volt owner did not have one either. Finally, I think Clean Pass is only available to NY Residents.