Custom Carpets

Custom Carpets

As some of you may know, I have sold accessories, including wheels etc for Mercedes cars for over 12 years.

I'm so excited about the Model S, and with some good fortune in the Stock market this year, I'll be buying one.

If any of you are interested in high quality custom floor mats, I can have them done for you.

I need a template of the rear mats to get the measurements. I have the front mats dimensions.

You can add your name, or most any graphic embroidered. contact jerry at if you are interested.

Here is some work we've done for Benz cars just to give you an idea of what I'm referring to...

scroll down this page for some samples .jpg&img17=Carpet-StarAndAMG-1.jpg&img18=Carpet-StarAndAMG-2.jpg

kidjay | 17 giugno 2013

How much for front matts? As well as the rear?

CAdreamin | 17 giugno 2013


Price will depend on the number of graphics.

Drop me an email and give me an idea of what you'd like for graphics. and shipping destination. Typical, 4 graphics, 4 mats $299.00 shipped lower 48. You choose color of carpet, embroidery stitching and vinyl border.

Carpet is German Velour with rubber non-slip ribbed backing.

Excellent quality.