Damage from Tesla super charger clip failing

Damage from Tesla super charger clip failing

Tragedy at the Harris Ranch supercharger. Yesterday afternoon - one car ahead of us. Only a few minutes wait.
They unplugged, replaced the cable in the holder and pulled away. We pulled in, charged successfully, unplugged, replaced the cable, put a few things away in the frunk, went to get in the car and bang!the cable popped out and hit the side of the car leaving a dent.

After careful inspection, found the clip was broken off on one side and the other side was cracked just waiting to break. I was the unlucky user to come along when it decided to fail. I called Tesla. They took all my information and said the Fremont service center would call me about it. I took pictures. Waiting to see what recourse I have to fix the dent.

Hoping to save the next owner from my bad experience, I left the cable hanging
down with a note about the failed clip and possibility of a dent if the cable was replaced. This will undoubtedly be an issue at all chargers after a certain amount of use. Beware! | 27 marzo 2013

Thanks for letting everyone know! Hope Tesla fixes the dent for you.

The first Harris Ranch SC is the first generation cable design (very short), and all new ones for the last 3-4 months uses a different design and much longer cable. You can see both designs at the larger SC stations (i.e. Gilroy has 2 old and 2 new). I'd expect the new ones coming on line at Harris ranch will also be the new design.

diegoPasadena | 27 marzo 2013

When I opened the door during my only Supercharger experience at Hawthorne, the cable plopped out by itself as the gate slid open. Perhaps the previous user had just barely tucked it in enough for it to stay, but it came loose when I opened the door. Luckily I caught it despite my surprise, but I'm sure it would have left a dent. I recommend standing between the car and the charger when opening the gate. I was actually going to post about this and forgot. I don't know if that would have avoided your issue, but it's good to be careful with that heavy cable. I haven't seen the new design yet. Maybe that will solve the problem.

hfcolvin | 27 marzo 2013

Thanks for posting. I was just reading an old blog yesterday in which the same thing happened to one of the early owners last year. Drives a pink Model S! You two are not alone, thanks for the warning and I'll try to remember if we ever get a Supercharger in Virginia.

mdsrj | 27 marzo 2013

Thanks for the info, but that could not have solved the problem. It had nothing to do with the driver being careful. You cannot stand between your car and the supercharger as you're getting into your car to drive away. The clips are plastic and cracked - hate to say it, but poorly designed. They need some kind of harness or other locking device.

Sudre_ | 27 marzo 2013

Thanks for the post. More good information to tuck away in my head.... altho I may never see a CA supercharger.

mdsrj | 27 marzo 2013

hfcolvin wish I could find that post to see how it was resolved. Pretty sure Virginia superchargers will have to have a new design.

GeekEV | 29 marzo 2013

@mdsrj - Some have a door that closes, on those it would. Others have the cable exposed...

mdsrj | 29 marzo 2013

The lone Harris Ranch supercharger has no door. Perhaps the new ones do. That would be helpful especially if there were clear instructions and warnings.

J Nemeth | 29 marzo 2013

The left side charger at the Barstow SC also does not want to hold the cable. It will pop out a couple times when I try to replace it. I try to give the cable a little bend and that seems to help. Hawthorne SCs have the motorized door.

Alex K | 29 marzo 2013

This may be a bit ironic, but maybe Tesla should install a retracting cable similar to what is found on gas pumps

There's a company that sells these and they say the retracting cable prevents damage "from" vehicles.