Dash Applications

Dash Applications

I finished most a dash application site for the Model S. The features include charging locations, clock, weather, stock quotes, instructions, etc. The site is up, and it's ready for testing.

You can register and start using the site at

It's in beta and color options / graphics are to change with time as well as new additions and refinement of some of the features.

Feedback and requests are welcome. The site has a wordpress base so if you know of a good plugin that could be added or modified, let me know.

DouglasR | 17 dicembre 2012

Hey, that's great walla. Does the "Location" button make use of the GPS in the car?

cmlaff | 18 dicembre 2012

Too cool! Gotta love Tesla owners and fans. It looks practical and easy.
Thanx for the efforts!

rterry | 18 dicembre 2012

In addition to weather, could you also do weather radar?

Liz G | 18 dicembre 2012

Looks great. Thanks.

You know what would be really cool would be being able to send notes from your phone to the car. Or vise versa.

nickjhowe | 18 dicembre 2012

@Liz G - you could save the file into Dropbox (or similar) and then view it in the car.

JThompson | 18 dicembre 2012

walla2: Very cool - great start!!!

dstiavnicky | 18 dicembre 2012

How did you get the SDK and / APIs? I've tried getting my hands on them a few times to no avail...

andresk | 18 dicembre 2012

I don't know if clicking on an address in the browser pushes it to the nav system. But, if it does, it would be great to be able to send addresses via email that could be parsed and displayed in a "my addresses". The use case I envision is that I do a search for an address in Google Maps, I then click on "send" and specify my personal address. It then parses the email, strips out the address, and displays it in "my addresses". So, now when I'm in the car I can click on the address and start navigating, without needing to type in the address again.

John-V707 | 18 dicembre 2012

Simple Feature Suggestion:

Create a "All Black" page. There are times i don't want anything displayed, Pull this up is close. Back button (or another favorate) to exit.

Also would be usefult for cleaning "most" of the screen area.

DouglasR | 18 dicembre 2012

This might work, except it's flash:

walla2 | 18 dicembre 2012

@Liz g: You can login to teslamods on your phone. Post a sticky in the notepad. It will then show up in your car notepad.

@dstiva nicky: No sdk just java/php.

cmlaff | 18 dicembre 2012

Walla Walla (Washington, yes?),
Played with it a bit today, registered, etc. Well done!
Is there a way to make the weather report searchable by zip code or city?
Can you utilize more real estate of the monster MS screen so that my old eyes don't have to strain to see the font?
Appreciate the clock, but with all due respect, the clock from Rumbles was more "classic" but that one is glitchy. I prefer yours for functionality and stability. When you have time can yours be "classed up" a bit?
Tesla owes you some stock!!

walla2 | 18 dicembre 2012

cmlaff and others:

Appreciate the early feedback. Some plans for Beta 2 to come by next week:

1. I will work on the buttons. They are too small and need to look like Tesla buttons.
2. Clock is getto style but stable. I will likely refine it over time. There may be timezone issues I am not aware of so let me know if that is still happening. I thought it would work by your clock time in your car without having to set a bunch of time zone features up and would like to know.
3. I want features like weather to grab your zip but didn't have time to edit all the code to make it work. I hope to have the charge and weather do it.
4. I am considering adding radar weather as well.
5. Need feedback on the backgrounds. Too dark? Too light? Suggest others?
6. I designed the site to run in half screen mode but might add a full screen option.
7. I am considering a night/day mode as well as working to make the graphics more like the real tesla controls but that takes time and my photoshopping skills have deteriorated in my 12 year hiatus from amateur web page/graphic design.
8. Refine the sticky page (bigger stickies) and clean up that code as its really sloppy work.
9. Walla2 does = Walla Walla

Brian H | 18 dicembre 2012

Bing bang?

LorenS | 19 dicembre 2012

very nice! thanks

hammy16 | 20 dicembre 2012

Having problem registering. Cannot find any direct contact info so using this.
Reply to when convenient or provide a contact number
App looks great..

RZitrin1 | 20 dicembre 2012

Walla Walla Walla

That is, +1

Desai | 21 dicembre 2012

@dstiavnicky - he isn't using any APIs/SDK for this. It is just a standalone website that has informative/features that can be used with the touchscreen.

ira | 10 gennaio 2013

Nice site

But I have a problem.
Is there a trick to using the instructions.
when I hit that button in the car I dont get the drop down I get when I use it at home.


Seattle | 11 gennaio 2013

Hi, thanks for the nice app. On chrome and in the mod s the weather app has a problem, ie

Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /home/davidy/public_html/ on line 29

On chrome the computed location is good for me. On the tesla, it says can't determine location. On the S, is there a working javascript way to look up the location, typical ways?

Desai | 11 gennaio 2013

@both: Currently the browser in the Model S does not support geo-location functionality so it is not possible to determine location in a web app.

iholtzman | 11 gennaio 2013

I am in Chicago and the clock shows PST. How do I change to CST?

Brian H | 12 gennaio 2013

Click timezone, lower right, and then click the map for your location.