Dashboard Apps Coming Soon (Chrome!)

Dashboard Apps Coming Soon (Chrome!)

Hopefully, this is true - Chrome and an Android Emulator!

Bradtc | 22 ottobre 2013

That sure would be something, but a year is a long way away. Would our touchscreens have enough power next year still?

Gizmotoy | 22 ottobre 2013

Even as an iPhone user, that would be pretty fantastic. It would allow a huge range of apps to run on the display as of day one, and provide a foundation for development that Tesla doesn't have to develop.

It's also plausible. There are Android emulators available for Linux, though as far as I'm aware they're typically used for development rather than production purposes. Chrome is also available for certain distributions, though it could likely be run on other platforms. I don't know what Linux flavor Tesla uses.

So, fantastic news that could actually have some truth to it. I'm excited.

shop | 22 ottobre 2013

Just getting a Chrome browser would be great. The current browser is horrible.

dtesla | 23 ottobre 2013

SW doesn't get slower over time. We just ask it to do more over time. My guess is eventually you will need to make a choice. Do you want to buy the processor upgrade to run the new cool stuff... or not upgrade and run the old boring stuff. But we have that problem now in 5 years (or so) when 3G is phased out, do you want to pay to upgrade?

This is not a new problem. I know someone with a Lexus. His car has the old analog cell data. Lexus does not have an upgrade path, so that part of his car is dead.

Also I want to say there is a law that you can't show a videos where the driver can see them. But I'm not 100% sure I'm correct.

gill_sans | 23 ottobre 2013

@dtesla There ought to be a law that you can't show videos in eye-shot of the driver if there isn't one.

avanti | 23 ottobre 2013

@ dtesla:
Software *does* get slower over time. This is because the additional power available every year encourages programmers to get ever sloppier without anyone noticing. Moore's law just gives us more and more rope with which to hang ourselves. They say "cycles are cheap, programmers are expensive." If modern programming standards were anything like they were in the 1980s, we would have reached the singularity by now.

Fred O | 23 ottobre 2013

@dtesla if you bought the service pack, you get the upgrade for free. It includes hardware upgrades. A bit of wishful thinking on my part.

Pungoteague_Dave | 23 ottobre 2013

Fred O,

The service pack, which I have along with the extended warranty, does NOT include hardware upgrades. It only includes replacement of items that are developed to fix something that's poorly designed. For example, I have had my door handles replaced with the new versions, the upgraded footwell cover, carpets, etc. However, we do not get these without either a problem emerging or asking in most cases. Many items are not subject to upgrade or aftermarket installation, such as the improved wheel well liners, parking assist, folding mirrors, any new version of 4g or LTE that may come with newer cars.

A fantasy is promulgated on this forum that upgrades will keep older S deliveries current. That's partially true for software (although some software upgrades are already being delayed as the newest cars can operate the newest firmware, but our older cars must wait for added software development to be compatible with the new firmware). Most upgrades are not going to happen unless the item is upgradeable for a (separate) fee. The partial + suspension upgrade is an example - they can do some but not all of the retrofit, and that only at a pretty high cost to the customer.

Our cars will eventually become like 10-year old PC's or cell phones. Know anyone who is still using one? Built-in obsolescence is actually higher for cars that are focused on computer technology when that technology ages. People are already whining about the screen and internet speed on our cars. Wait until the next generation blows away what we have. I expect that TM will find that customers turn these cars over way faster than traditional ICE vehicles. I am already on my third generation of iPad in less than four years. We are driving fancy iPads here.

Brian H | 23 ottobre 2013

Lots of people using 10-yr old PCs. Me, for e.g.

Horses for courses.

PapaSmurf | 23 ottobre 2013

As 3G is phased out, I think Tesla will have no choice but to offer upgrades of the physical hardware in the 2012-2014 Model S cars.

I am hopeful that we will be offered an option to upgrade the 17 inch display unit in a few years. Surely resolution will improve and processor speed will improve. Hopefully they stay with the same size and new versions will work in the older cars.

It would be like getting a new car almost.

DallasTXModelS | 23 ottobre 2013


The law you're looking for is state by state. It is not legal for video to be where the driver can see while driving in Texas. Other states are far more liberal, not only can you watch a movie while driving in Louisiana you can have an open container of alcohol while doing it.

Roamer@AZ USA | 23 ottobre 2013

I am much more interested in vehicle related apps than iPhone or iPad type apps.

Would love to hear Tesla was holding an app developer conference for car related apps.

Turn all the tech talent I see posting here loose.

I would like an app that gives me tire temp, pressure and variance from set point based on the tire size and temperature curve. Then I could check and service my tires hot. Smart tire does it already.

Or a full on GPS app that integrates with my contacts and trip plans based on chargers and energy use.

A rear view camera mirror app that gives me 1/3 backup camera view and 2/3rd map view. Cut out the 15 feet of road directly behind when I am going forward. The camera makes a great rear view mirror but when going forward you don't need the bottom inch of blurring road and more map would be good.

If Tesla turned the early adopter talent loose on vehicle related apps who knows what people would create.

2050project | 28 ottobre 2013

Some other apps out there...

For apple folks, there is a less-known decent social app to check out:

And, for Google Glass, there is Visible Tesla:

DTsea | 28 ottobre 2013

I'd like an app that digitally corrects the rear view camera to be non-fisheye for use when driving forward- so it looks like a rear view mirror- with one big window above (straight aft) and left/right blindspot views below.

Gizmotoy | 28 ottobre 2013

@DTsea: The fish-eye effect is due to a physical lens on the camera. There's not much you can do about it. You could correct the perspective in software, but you'd just end up with a smaller view of the road than you had before.

That said, I agree with the principal of your suggestion, if not the implementation. More thorough coverage of the car via cameras would be very cool. I envy the all-around views of the Leaf and Panamera.

David Trushin | 28 ottobre 2013

I suppose theoretically it should be possible to replace the console computer with an upgraded version. However, I have been told that that particular unit cost $6K. It is in a sealed box. I only know this second hand from a tech who works on the car. But. My guess is that this will be like upgrading the processor on an old computer. Other system limitations will reduce the effectiveness. Like, for example, the new computer will support all the integrated console features, such as PDC and blind spot, cross traffic, adaptive cruise, LTE. The older cars won't have the capability to use these so what's the point in upgrading. Although I have gone the upgrade route with computers, I subscribe to the "buy the latest and greatest" philosophy for upgrades. So at this point, I will pick a time and trade up for a new S( probably in 3.5 years).