Data Plan and Smartphone App

Data Plan and Smartphone App

I saw that someone mentioned in their post about factory pick-up of their car that they were told by folks there that (1) the iOS app has been approved by Apple and should be out very soon, and (2) data plans would be announced soon and that your first three months (for non-Sigs, who already get at least a year free) will be included. I like that we'll have time to use the built-in data option for a few months before deciding whether to stick with it, and hopefully that buys enough time to get the Wi-Fi option (and tethering in general) up and running as well. Thoughts?

wbrown01 | 18 dicembre 2012

I was looking for the smart phone app the I seen awhile back that you can use to track the location of the car, turn on the heat and such.

Guy don't tell your wife that the app can be used to track the car (your location), my wife's been bugging for that ever since and I don't even have my car yet. Don't know what I was thinking.