Decline in battery charge while parked at airport

Decline in battery charge while parked at airport

I parked my car at the airport for 3.5 days and lost over 30 miles on the charge. Is this the norm? What would happen if I left it there for a week? Doesn't seem to match with "The Model S battery will not lose a significant amount of charge when parked for long periods of time. For example, Model S owners can park at the airport without plugging in."

Any advice?????

davecolene0606 | 6 maggio 2013

I leave mine all the time for 3-5 days. The initial hit is around what you experienced and then tapers a bit. This will be mitigated by a software update that will drop the rate of discharge to around 2-3. My car had the software that put the car to "sleep" and the range loss was maybe 2 miles a day. As soon as that update happens you will have no issues.

There are several threads with exhaustive details on the subject. Its all gettin better :)

risquared | 6 maggio 2013

This is one of the most commented topics in the forum. Since the forum does not allow search here are the main points for you.
As a rule of thumb count a loss of 0.5 miles per hour when your Tesla is left unplugged.
Allegedly the power goes to keep the battery in good condition and to feed the computers on board.
Allegedly situation was better before v. 4.2 of the software that killed the "sleep" function.
Allegedly Mr. Elon Musk made a promise to return the "sleep" function "this summer".

bp | 6 maggio 2013

Planning to go on a trip for 10 days. Sent an e-mail to Tesla asking for their advice - park at the airport or leave the car at home plugged in - and their advice was to leave the car at home plugged in. While I should be able to range charge and have enough charge left after the long airport stay to drive home, their advice was not to risk losing too much charge while I was away.

10 days isn't an unreasonable amount of time - and hopefully a future update will reduce the vampire load so that this won't be a problem long term...

ian | 6 maggio 2013

There's nothing alleged about any of those facts ivan.