Deliveries in The Netherlands

Deliveries in The Netherlands

At first i want to congratulate everybody in The Netherlands with their Model S, because we waited so long for it to arrive in our country.
I got mine this week, after over 2 years of waiting.
THE car is even netter thsn i expected and i am verry happy with it.
However, i must sent à warming to all of you who are expecting your model 's in the near future
Tesla dilivers the car with a standard loading cable.
You only can plug that cable in a normal outlet.
This means that you are charging your battery with maximum 15 kilometers per hour!!!!!
So if you want to add 300 kilometers range to THE battery it Will take 20 hours.
You have to install à special loading station at your home or office, with a so called Mennekesstekker, to charge with 11 kWh.
Using the fastcharging network ,44 kWh,Is not yet, possible, because tesla Will not delivery the nessesary adapter until 2014.
Futher you have to realise that it will take about 5 to 6 weeks before the 11kwh loading point is installed.
In short: if you dont order your 11 kwh loading station 6 weeks before delivery of your model 's, your in trouble.
I am ashemed to tell you i experienced that.
I wanted to share my discomfort with you ,, so you can be netter prepared then i was.

THE car i greater and i am Sire that the charging issue in the neatherlands Will soon be solved.

chrisdl | 13 settembre 2013

Can't you do 3 phase charging at 400V / 16A? (Red plug)

info | 14 settembre 2013

No, because THE red plug is not available this year.

rch1708 | 14 settembre 2013

@info: sorry, but you seem to be misinformed. For example see:

Furher there's a whole section on TMC about charging in Nl/BE. You should take a look at it. My electrician can install a "krachtstroom aansluiting" in a few days. This is fine for 11kw charging. If you have dual chargers you do indeed need to order an extra type2-type2 cable. But that's no big deal.

Suggest you spend some time talking to the experts and owners at the TMC NL/BE forum. They even speak Dutch there!

mario.kadastik | 14 settembre 2013

Yes, as I understood from Tesla rep as well the UMC is supposed to come with 2 adapters by default: the ordinary wall plug and either a red 3-phase or blue 1-phase for higher power charging depending on country (or you can choose). The type-II to Type-II cable they don't have so you have to buy that externally or wait until 2014. Also CHAdeMO is in works and likely will come around 2014. But the red plug should be a simple adapter for the UMC and available from Tesla.

info | 14 settembre 2013

I spoke with the experts at Tesla and Thenewmotion. Tesla only provides one cable. Another cable or adapter is not available at the moment.
The cable that comes with your car is only for a 220 v outlet, not for krachtstroom.
So the only way to charge with 11 or 22 kWh is to install a chargepoint at your home. From the moment of your application, till the moment of installation it takes 5 to 6 weeks. Your electrician is not allowed to install krachtstroom, without permission of your energieleverancier. They have to make een schouw and that only takes about 2 weeks.
Again: in the Netherlands you can not get the red, blue plug as tesla promisses, no adapters, nothing, but the mennekes stekker. they tell you that when you pick up your car in Tilburg.
Sorry but i found out about this when i picked up my tesla this week.
There was no communication about this subject before.
So practically, you can get a maximum of 100 km per hour charging your Tesla, using 22 kWh.
Loading with 44 kWh is absolutely not possible, till until tesla comes with their adapter.
That is no problem when you only charge your car at home, but when you have to charge beiing on the road, driving from appointment to appointment, like i do, you have à problem.
My warning/ advice to all the future owners in Holland is: make your application for your 11 kWh or 22 Kwh chargepoint 6 weeks before deliverydate, to be save.

Fred O | 14 settembre 2013

I'm in the process of getting a 3-phase x 25A connection from Cohere. They will install an ev-box. They need 3 weeks from the moment you commit your order to installation. The limiting party in this case is the ev-box supplier because there is a pre-2014 rush going on to get an ev or phev.
Our local electricity provider - Stedin in my case - needs one week lead time (on the phone they said 5-7 weeks but that was a worst case scenario). If you plan things right you can get all things set up in 3-4 weeks (*).

Unfortunately, delivery of my MS85 is postponed until end of November. I believe for some of us Tesla will have some difficulty to deliver on time like they promissed.

(*) At the very least, make sure you have the masterswitch installed or upgraded _before_ the provider comes around to change the connection to 3x25A or higher.

upperlippy | 19 settembre 2013

If you have a 3 phase 25A connection it will only cost you a Mennekes 16A WCD, few meters of cable and 3 16A ''automatische zekeringen''. Less then 100 Euro and a bit of digging and drilling, ready to load with 11kWh.
Do it yourself and safe 1000 Euro at least. Nothing to it, the 16 year old kid next door can find it on the net.
If you wish to load it with 22kWh you need a 40A connection, that is 1200 euro more ''vast recht'' per year. Over the top.
If you do not have a 3 phase 25A connection, contact you provider, you need it, it wil take two weeks max, little costs, depending on provider.
Solar power, 36 panels, do it yourself, buy them from Greenchoice and 2 day's work. After 4 to 5 years your investment is paid for, now you drive for free.
I did receive a paper that the car will be delivered with two plugs, one of them fits the Mennekes 16A WDC.

Can't wait :-)

Benz | 20 settembre 2013

In August there were only 5 Tesla Model S registrations in The Netherlands. I wonder how many Tesla Model S registrations there will be in September in The Netherlands.

dirk.cantens | 20 settembre 2013

Hi, I received the red plug for 3-phase loading and a plug for regular 220V together with the delivery of my car (here in Belgium), so I assume this is the same for the Netherlands? I've installed 3x16A at my home and it works great.

directie | 25 settembre 2013

Hi, it is indeed a rather strange that you buy a car of €110.000 and are not even able to load in a public charging point because Tesla has not delivered a Mennekes adapter.
Now I have to buy a separate cable (€ 400+) which has to be stored in the trunk as well, instead of having a convenient adapter.
I hope that Tesla will soon be able to deliver an adapter!

pebell | 25 settembre 2013

I picked up my car on wednessday and received a cable with both an adapter for the standard wall plug, and the red three phase adapter. But as stated above, not the "Mennekes" type cable needed for public and private chargers. Apart from needing to buy (or lease) this very expensive cable yourself, it won't have the button on it to open the charge port, or unlock the plug when you stop loading. So you'll always have to open the door, lean in, and control it through the dashboard.

I think this is a very strange decision by Tesla. After all, their cable already has a Mennekes connector at one end - why not have one at the other end too, and then put adapters on that for the standard wall plug and the red three phase plug? Then all three formats could be supported with just one cable, WITH the remote control for the chargeport.

pebell | 25 settembre 2013

Not that it matters, but meant monday instead of wednessday

Benz | 26 settembre 2013

About 100 Model S deliveries in The Netherlands in September 2013?

jhelberg | 26 settembre 2013

I was a bit disappointed too when I discovered that the standard 32A Mennekes male/female cable supplied with my car doesn't have a door-open/disconnect button. It can't be hard to combine the Tesla cable with the other side of the Mennekes connector, can it?

Benz | 30 settembre 2013

Today it's September 30th, 2013. By the end of this week we should see the monthly auto sales/registration figures.

Benz | 2 ottobre 2013

In September 2013 there were 170 registrations of the Tesla Model S in The Netherlands.

LarsM | 2 ottobre 2013

We had 600+ registrations in Norway last month. Most registered vehicle in Norway in September. It's only the beginning :)

mario.kadastik | 2 ottobre 2013

I think with the UMC you cannot go over 11kW. So to charge at the public 22kW stations you need a separate cable. But I agree, Tesla should have supplied that in EU with the button or at least had it as an option to buy.

snoopy | 2 ottobre 2013

With Dutch leadtime for Model S ordered Oct2013 now being delivery in Feb2014 I will be missing the dutch tax break deadline "0 bijtelling" per 31 dec2013. So I'm considering purchasing in US and importing myself. Does anyone have any idea about this? especially, do all US versions hold the European homologation and what about 3phase charging, can US models be converted to 3 phase charging? and is there a worldwide warranty? Questions were asked in the contact section but sofar, no answer from Tesla