Delivery Countdown

Delivery Countdown

The folks at Tesla have no idea where the Model S production schedule is at any time and I'm wondering if those of us who are waiting for deliveries can start our own count down. All we have to do is get people who take delivery post their order # and date of delivery. I'm # 5603 and have been told to expect delivery in December, but am not sure what to expect. Anybody out there willing to post their number and date of delivery, so that we can keep track?

Schlermie | 13 novembre 2012

There's already a spreadsheet that tracks this information online.

You can add your own information by filling in this form.

vouteb | 13 novembre 2012


How many times have you mentioned that something is already on the forum?


Captain_Zap | 13 novembre 2012


Brian H | 13 novembre 2012

It's important. Multiple threads in the same discussion rapidly degenerates into an incomprehensible mess. Some sub-subjects are worth discussing, but this Forum layout doesn't permit useful grouping beyond the model level.

Volker.Berlin | 14 novembre 2012

I need it to keep myself organized. I hope it adds some value for others, too... :-)

David M. | 14 novembre 2012

Volker - We appreciate the valuable role that you play.
Brian H - Your role is equally valuable. I now re-read my post 3 times before hitting the submit button. 4 times when using my tablet.

Brian H | 14 novembre 2012

Easier for 1 person (writer) to make sense of the message than thousands (readers).

Getting Amped Again | 14 novembre 2012

Actually I'm surprised Brian H didn't point out that it's generally considered improper grammar to use numerals when the number you are referring to is less than nine - but then he lapsed himself. Sorry, rarely do I get this opportunity!

Getting Amped Again | 14 novembre 2012

Oops - whole numbers less than 10.

Beaker | 14 novembre 2012

Brian H is allowed to miss two or 3 mistakes. ;)

Volker.Berlin | 14 novembre 2012

Twelve, in German (which would make sense in English two, because thir-teen is the first composed number). We aren't getting off topic again, are we?

Getting Amped Again | 14 novembre 2012

@Volker.Berlin - your comments are invaluable.

Getting Amped Again | 14 novembre 2012

And while I have your attention, is it going to be das Model S or der Model S? Aren't some inanimate objects considered masculine in German? Maybe die Nissan Leaf and der Tesla Model S. Makes sense to me.

DouglasR | 14 novembre 2012

Volker, do you mean "English too"?

Brian H | 14 novembre 2012

On the oneth hand, highlighting a number sometimes over-rides the rule, for readability. On the 2th hand, that grammar page is a good reference. I particularly like rule 10; apostrophes should NOT be used for plurals, even dates.

Interesting; English also transitions to the "teen" suffix at 13: thirteen, dreizehn. But the number of digits rules, not the suffix.

Back to deliveries: guesstimating 1700 or 1800 for December, assuming they work right through Christmas, and 1200 for November, that suggests maybe 2000+ Ps before year-end. What P# that translates to is hard to guess, but probably reservation #s will still be somewhat jumbled till late in Q1, earliest.

DouglasR | 14 novembre 2012

Brian, I think you are optimistic. That may be the number of cars completing production, but I doubt that all will be delivered. It is now the middle of November, and people should be getting delivery windows 30 days in advance. Yet only a handful of customers have received notice of a VIN or a delivery window for their R or P.

Brian H | 14 novembre 2012

True, I guess the inspection/testing/delivery lag has to be factored in. Plus the stretching of personnel and procedures learning curve lag.

smd | 14 novembre 2012

I just emailed Tesla a couple of days ago asking for an update on my car. P 2855. They said the plan at this point is to produce 3000 total by the end of this year, so I should get mine in January.

Brian H | 15 novembre 2012

It's pretty tough to match # produced and P-res#s at this point. Depending on config, you might be advanced or delayed, and upgrade/cancellation #s are unknown.

IOW, you still might get lucky in Dec. But of course TM would know better (though they have been known to suffer from the same wobbles of optimism and conservatism that we have!).

Volker.Berlin | 15 novembre 2012

On the 2th hand [...] (Brian H)

My English teacher would have let me stand in the corner for using "th" instead of "nd" after "2"!

Volker, do you mean "English too"? (DouglasR)

Pun intended, but obviously the pun wasn't obvious enough, let alone funny. Thus, pardon the pun!

[...] is it going to be das Model S or der Model S? (Getting Amped Soon)

As you may imagine, I've been pondering that question for quite a while now. It's certainly not going to be die Model S. You are right, cars are usually masculine: "der Mercedes", "der 3er" (BMW), "der A6". On the other hand, if the genus of model name is obvious, it takes precedence: "die E-Klasse".

In case of the Model S, we have the same word with the same meaning in German (just slightly different spelling): "das Modell". This could be a particular car model, or as well a fashion model at the prêt-à-porter. In any event it is "das" (regardless whether the model is presenting gentleman's or lady's fashion). Thus, personally, I tend to use "das Model S" (if I cannot avoid using a specific genus at all). Tesla uses "das Model S" in the German version of their website, too, and German press seems to use "das" or avoid the genus by saying things like "der Tesla" or "the car called 'Model S'".

However, more recently I heard "der Model S", e.g., at the Athlon event mentioned in the other thread, and in some German forums ( Thus, maybe time will tell, or we will just continue using it in different ways. What's the plural of Prius, BTW? (Rhetorical question, do not reply!)

vouteb | 15 novembre 2012


How much time do you have if they call/email you to firm up your order?

4 weeks?

Brian H | 15 novembre 2012

Oneth and 2th are such obvious mis-applications of English numerical endings that only the dimmest would take them seriously.

Volker.Berlin | 15 novembre 2012

Brian H, well, in this particular context I assumed they might as well be old/formal expressions, maybe a reference to Shakespeare or some such. Thank you for the enlightenment. Now I know it was just you trying to be funny.

Theresa | 15 novembre 2012

V.B. I didn't think your pun was hard to catch at all and I thought it was actually pretty good. It fit in with the whole feel of your post. And BrianH's post was similar and I had no problem catching his pun as well. But it is very obvious that even though some "english as second language" people do understand some of the word play not all do and from your response it is easy to see why that would happen. Language has far too many nuances for translation to handle perfectly.

Volker.Berlin | 15 novembre 2012

Theresa, I agree 100%. Isn't it great that we are still having a lot of fun together? :-)

Theresa | 15 novembre 2012

VB Have you located your head yet? Since it was missing in the video I thought maybe you lost it when you saw the S was in Germany! ;)

Volker.Berlin | 15 novembre 2012


(Peter Fox is from Berlin, too. The text is in German and as we know, lyrics are hard to translate, but maybe you can still understand the gist of it. It deals with the problems inherent with trying to retrieve your head once you lost it -- "I wonder what I might be thinking right now" is one of my favorite lines.)

GLO | 15 novembre 2012

We are considering moving to an 85Kw battery, so we called TM and asked if the change was still possible. We were told that it was (corrently 60Kw). In subsequent e-mails we asked if the change would cause a delay or acceleration of our order. We were told that no, it would not matter, and that we are now looking at Jan/Feb for a delivery window. Our res. # is P3534. An interesting side note, when calling TM corporate (owners experience), she could no longer look us up by the original sequence # P3534, she asked me to give her our actual reservation number that we received upon configuration in August.

Getting Amped Again | 15 novembre 2012

It's interesting that posts about languages and proper grammar often end with these guys. What language are they and how grammatical are they?

8-) (I wear glasses so I really should use this)
:-| (German guy hearing a joke. Sorry, that's not fair.)

Actually, since I went "there", Volker.Berlin tell me if you think this is funny (it helps to be married or have been married).

A woman was enjoying a glass of wine out on her deck and her husband walked by. In a romantic voice she said, "I love you." He said, "Is that you or the wine talking?" "It's me" she sighed, "talking to the wine."

Volker.Berlin | 15 novembre 2012

Alcohol is a solution. (the chemist)

(I prefer punch lines that don't need a smiley to be funny.)

Getting Amped Again | 15 novembre 2012

My punch line didn't have one?! Well, funny or not?

Volker.Berlin | 15 novembre 2012

Well, I had to grin even though I did not want to (I'm married). I tried to come up with a return that I hoped would fit nicely. How did you like that?

Getting Amped Again | 15 novembre 2012

Yes, that is the universal equalizer. I've been to Munich during Oktoberfest (but it was in late September), and I think everyone in the biergarten would have laughed at any of my jokes.

I picked up a 535i at the BMW Welt and drove to Innsbruck. Had some problems with the same-road-has-different-names-in-different-parts-of-town thing, and the four-way-intersections-with-no-stop-signs-or-lights-in-either-direction thing! Not to mention the stay-in-the-left-lane-for-two seconds-too long-gets the angry look thing. But I had a great time and it was a great car. Too bad they don't have European delivery of a Model S for us westerners, and vice versa!

Now try the joke on your wife. Generally the woman is the one that really likes it, but it seems to be linearly related to how long you've been married.

Michael S | 15 novembre 2012

I think I just stumbled into the "Test--Please ignore" thread...

Getting Amped Again | 15 novembre 2012

@Michael S - Sorry, you're right.

DouglasR | 15 novembre 2012

@Michael S,

You don't understand. We were just pointing out that people in these forums don't appreciate a lot of extraneous, off-topic posts and redundant threads.

@Getting Amped Soon,

It was almost 50 years ago that I spent a year in Munich with a new Triumph Spitfire. The car cost me $1400 when I picked it up in Manchester, England, and I sold it in California for $2300 after putting on many many miles. Those were the days!

Captain_Zap | 15 novembre 2012

The "Test--Please Ignore" thread serves a very important purpose.
It keeps me from going crazy while waiting for that e-mail or phone call. It helps me blow off some steam and it is fun tickling people's brains.

Hopefully you'll only have to put up with me for a few more days... long days...very long days...

Brian H | 15 novembre 2012

Seems you wore out the Spit slower than the rate of classic car inflation. Probl'y if you compared in 50-year-earlier dollars, you didn't even near break even, though.

DouglasR | 15 novembre 2012

Brian H,

Nah, in those days there was a significant discount for buying a "foreign" car in the country of origin. The new Spitfire that cost $1400 for me to buy in England (I may have been spared some local taxes, etc.) was selling for maybe $3000 in the U.S. I could pay for the shipping, sell the car used in the U.S., and still make money. More expensive cars had an even greater cost difference. People used to pick up their Mercedes in Germany, and with the cost difference, pay for their whole vacation, shipping the car, and use of the car while traveling.

Of course, in those days I could get a nice hotel room overlooking the Black Sea in Bulgaria for about 80 cents a night. My dorm room in Munich cost me $30 a month (can't remember if that included food)!