Delivery process

Delivery process

What is the delivery process like when you don't live in an area with a Tesla store? I'm in Kansas City and am curious what to expect when my car arrives. Does a truck just drop it off and you're on your own?

David70 | 18 giugno 2013

I suspect that's the case. However, your DS can probably get on the phone with you when it arrives to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have. I know that's what will happen with my delivery.

irishstoutaz | 18 giugno 2013

Since AZ cannot sell cars, delivery is done at home or location of your choice. Our MS arrived in a 57' covered trailer and the 3rd party shipping company just had us sign that we received the car. Once you have the car, you then will sechedule a walkthrough with your assigned DS. We did ours the following day at the Tesla Store.