Delivery was day late BUT Kudo's due Nick and team at PHX SC

Delivery was day late BUT Kudo's due Nick and team at PHX SC

My car arrived in the SC early and then required some fancy trouble shooting to find a "high Voltage Problem" for several days. Trouble manifested itself by flashing "service needed" on dash panel during first test drive. Resolution was a shiny new battery pack shipped in from Fremont. Battery changes in the temporary PHX SC are a bit more than the 90 seconds we see advertised on Tesla's home page - like 4 to 6 hours of knuckle-skinning labor!

All the while I was given daily progress reports by Nick or Chris and the car PDI was perfect. Thanks guys, the car runs just as it has in my dreams and my first post delivery problem has yet to surface.


strengthcoach4 | 28 settembre 2013

Nick and his crew at the Phoenix service center are top notch!

AmpedRealtor | 29 settembre 2013

Nicholas, Tim, Chris and the rest are wonderful. They took extremely good care of me. Your car must be one of the 15 they received for PDI in the past week. Nicholas said they were slammed with new deliveries for end of month/quarter.

Wait until they move into their permanent, customer-facing digs in Scottsdale next month. The service experience will only get better and it's already excellent.

thranx | 29 settembre 2013



Now all we need are some superchargers in the wilderness: Blythe, maybe Kingman, Flagstaff, Gallup....

Newampster | 29 settembre 2013

Glad to hear the PHX SC is top notch. I will be shipping my S85 to Scottsdale for the snow bird season and hope to drive it back to NH, via superchargers, in the spring, assuming they will be open.