Did the California Hov stickers just get extended to 2020?

Did the California Hov stickers just get extended to 2020?

krogers | 26 aprile 2013

This is the bill that was introduced to extend HOV stickers. When introduced, it was set to extend until 2025. Looks like they amended expiration date to 2018. It should pass. The white stickers have been renewed each time they were set to expire.

My personal prediction is they easily get renewed. If the renewal is only for an extra 3-4 years, then I think they get renewed one more time after that. By 2020-2021 I think there will be too many EVs on the road and they will now longer renew.

skulleyb | 26 aprile 2013

The green ones expire in 2018 white 2020
If the amendment passes.

bt77057 | 26 aprile 2013


RedShift | 26 aprile 2013

Oh boy I love California !

BYT | 26 aprile 2013


dahtye | 26 aprile 2013

I haven't put the stickers on my Model S yet. I've had the stickers since late January. I want to see what it looks like on another Signature Red Model S before I make the jump.

I'm considering maybe doing something that is temporary so I can pull them off after using the carpool lane.

Extending the expiration date will push be further to just putting them on. Very nice news if this goes through!

carlk | 26 aprile 2013

@dahtye. Just be careful if you can easily take them off others can too. Another way is to put the stickers on the lower panel/bumper you can also cover them with something that is not as noticeable when not in use.

EcLectric | 26 aprile 2013


I have my stickers scotch-taped to the small triangular side-windows in the back seat. I have not had any problem. I don't think there's a big market out there for stolen stickers - there's no sensible scenario for stealing them. My Model S is midnight blue and I couldn't bear the thought of permanently sticking those eye-sores to my paint.

EcLectric | 26 aprile 2013

BTW, using the carpool can can be addictive! I've used it every weekday since I got my stickers and it's great!

bt77057 | 26 aprile 2013

Definition of conundrum:

Drive my new Tesla Model S in regular traffic while waiting for the carpool stickers (multiple weeks) or keep driving my Nissan Leaf with carpool stickers until my new stickers arrive for the Model S?

djm12 | 26 aprile 2013

I love California. These carpool stickers cuts my wife's commute by 15-20 mins each direction. This makes them priceless.

gldlcks55 | 27 aprile 2013

Government Watch
April 26, 2013, 05:00 AM

State government

• On Thursday, the state Senate voted 34-0 to extend the “Green Sticker” program, allowing the latest generation of low-emission vehicles to access the High Occupancy Vehicle highway lanes.

Authored by state Sen. Leland Yee, D-San Francisco/San Mateo, who created the Green Sticker program three years ago to encourage Californians to switch to more environmentally conscious vehicles, Senate Bill 286 extends the program an additional three years. This will allow plug-in hybrids and hydrogen fuel cell cars to access the HOV lanes until 2018. Yee’s bill would also extend the “White Sticker” program that allows access for fully electric vehicles, according to Yee’s office.

The bill will next move on to the Assembly for consideration.

gldlcks55 | 27 aprile 2013

On Thursday, the California Senate voted 34-0 to extend the "Green Sticker" program, allowing hybrid and other clean vehicles to access the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) highway lanes---also known as carpool lanes.

Sen. Leland Yee, (D-San Francisco/San Mateo) spoke about SB 286 Friday morning at Tesla Motors in Menlo Park--a symbolic choice of locations given Tesla's recent splash into the world of low-emission vehicles.

Yee, who authored the bill and also created the Green Sticker program three years ago, says that not only does the bill show the state’s commitment to those who use and will use clean vehicles, it is good for the low-emissions auto manufacturing industry as well.

"There is still work that needs to be done today to reduce our carbon footprint," said Yee.

"The Green Sticker program will keep California ahead of the curve."

The bill extends the program an additional three years, which would allow plug-in hybrids and hydrogen fuel cell cars to access the HOV lanes until 2018. It would also extend the “White Sticker” program that allows access for fully electric vehicles.

Earl and Nagin ... | 27 aprile 2013

Suggestion: Heat the stickers from your Leaf with a hair dryer and carefully peel them off. Then apply them to your Model S.
It isn't legal but no police officer is likely to get down and look at the license plate number printed on the sticker. Just bluff if pulled over and explain that Electric vehicles are legal in the carpool lane and that your car has the EV stickers provided by the DMV. Remind him/her that there is no tailpipe and open the frunk if necessary to keep him/her amazed.

TikiMan | 27 aprile 2013

I just hope over that over the next seven years, all our HOV lanes aren't turned into HOT lanes that exclude zero-emission vehicles.

As it stands currently, LA County has already kicked us out of the I-10 and I-110 freeways, in-favor of anything that pays to pollute MORE!!!!

Vawlkus | 29 aprile 2013

Where's the conundrum? Drive the Model S or the Leaf? There is only one correct answer }B)

Brian H | 29 aprile 2013

Drive in the HOV lanes with a LEAF, or slow lanes in the MS. That's the dilemdrum. Or conumma. Or whatever.

Vawlkus | 30 aprile 2013

It's still a no brainer Brian ;)

bt77057 | 30 aprile 2013

Well, the answer is....

While I wasn't thrilled about spending more time on the freeway, I certainly enjoyed spending more time in the Model S. I wasn't even envious of those flying by in the car pool this morning.

To your point, @Vawlkus, now it is a no-brainier.

Clever idea @Earl and nagin, but I think CHP knows you can't have the sticker without plates.

GettingOldFast | 30 aprile 2013

@TikiMan Wait, so if I'm alone and have my FastTrak module and white sticker, I still can't drive in the HOV lanes on the 10 and 110? Not even if I set the transponder to '1' and pay the posted price?

Schlermie | 3 maggio 2013

May 1 2013 - From committee: Do pass. (Ayes 13. Noes 4.)

surfside | 3 maggio 2013

so does that mean it has passed, or are there more committees to get approval from?


gregv64 | 3 maggio 2013

It has to pass on the assembly floor. Also, what does it mean that the senate bill sets both white and green to expire in 2018, but the assembly bill sets 2020 for white stickers. Does this mean it has to go back to the senate?

valdezs1 | 3 maggio 2013

For those who don't want to permanently attached the stickers to their beautiful new paint, try getting a pair of magnetic rock guards. Their made for many sports cars right in front of the rear wheels. Stick your HOV sticker to the rock guard material and trim them to match the sticker with scissors or a sharp exacto knife. However, as someone said, they could be stolen.

Just a thought

TikiMan | 3 maggio 2013


Sure you can drive your MS in the HOT lane on the I-10 and I-110, IF you want to pay a double tax on HOV lanes that you rightfully should not have to pay a penny extra to drive single occupancy in, with a approved zero-emission vehicle.

A large part of the whole point of owning and driving a zero-emission vehicle, is to improve our planet. If the greedy idiots in LA government prefer to have more 5 MPG sherman-tank vehicles in those lanes, then I guess they have a right to tell everyone, it's A-OK to be irresponsible, just as long as you can afford to do it.

Being I grew up in So. Cal, and lived through many Stage 5 SMOG alerts, allowing polluters to buy the right to pollute with an incentive,, is beyond irresponsible, and NOT what those lanes were built for.

GettingOldFast | 3 maggio 2013

I agree. Thanks.