Does Tesla Require pre-employment drug testing for assembly line workers?

Does Tesla Require pre-employment drug testing for assembly line workers?

My buddy just got hired by tesla and said he was not drug tested. I have received a job offer from tesla contingent on a physical does it include a drug test? Thank You - Jake (from state farm)

Remnant | 15 dicembre 2014

Maybe they're doing it only "for cause".

Check whether your records have ever been associated with drug use, concern, interest, court case, advocacy, etc.

carlgo | 15 dicembre 2014

I forget.

EternalChampion | 15 dicembre 2014

Well. Now they will.

Mike83 | 15 dicembre 2014

I hope so.

petochok | 15 dicembre 2014

I'm fairly sure it is done at random to keep costs down. So stop by Starbucks on your way in, and get ready to walk in there to proudly fill the cup!
Is being able to pass the test an actual concern of yours? Not trying to make accusations, just thinking out loud :)

Brian H | 15 dicembre 2014

If you have to ask, ...

DTsea | 17 dicembre 2014

I hope so.

andy.connor.e | 20 maggio 2019

Expect that you will. People have to get drug tested to operate cash registers. I would only hope that someone operating heavy machinery, or perhaps being the person to build my Tesla is not doing so under the influence.

teslu3 | 20 maggio 2019

Oh. Do they test for alcohol use? I once worked for a "urine or you're out" company where some workers would come back drunk after lunch. I sent an email about how this policy violated the company's ethics guidelines. They fixed the problem by changing the ethics policy then threatened me to not say anything more or there would be serious repercussions. They started testing me for drugs every few months. They tested me again one morning after working for 24 hours straight: I told the nurse that she was doing this for political reasons, not medical. If it was for medical reasons they would be far more concerned about my performance with such lack of sleep than with identifying possible metabolites that are detectable for weeks after using a drug but do not affect performance.
They never tested me again.

EVRider | 20 maggio 2019

No one cares, except for the spammer who resurrected this thread from December 2014.

andy.connor.e | 20 maggio 2019


Ya thats why the whole idea of drug testing is stupid. No one is going to show up to work on drugs, but even people where i work have a couple beers with lunch. Its amazing to me that a company views that as appropriate, but if i wanted to consume some cannabis in my free time at home thats not ok. All it is, is political control over your life. The company doesnt care, its the social pressure that makes them have to care otherwise they will be viewed as a company that supports the use of drugs while on the job.

David N | 20 maggio 2019

Nancy Reagan’s campaign of “Just say no” is still valid today.
If you’re a drug user, assembly line work is most likely not in your best interest, the company’s or the other employees around you.
If your concern is due to a positive test due to medicinal use (pill form for various legitimate health issues), that concern would be best if accompanied by a written statement from your physician explaining the positive test.
Good luck

andy.connor.e | 20 maggio 2019

Unless they regularly test, best option is to just give your body a break and flush it out. Once you get hired, you can start recreationally again.

teslu3 | 20 maggio 2019

The emphasis should be on your on-the-job performance, not the miniscule remnants in your body that have no affect on your performance. It is in the best interest of a company and its workers to employ the best people including those who are politically incorrect. Monitor performance before considering drug use.

andy.connor.e | 20 maggio 2019

Probably not in the companies best interest to hire someone who does cocaine regularly.

super-hormiga2010 | 20 maggio 2019

Hey buddies, I was wondering if anyone of you know Elon Musk`s number. I want to contact him for a scholar interview. Thank you

jimglas | 20 maggio 2019

Try his twitter acct

brainstorm.21 | 24 maggio 2019

Why do you ask it?) Do you have any problems with drugs?) Even if it's so, you could pass it with fake urine. Read more about this way here ( ). Personally, I've never used drugs, but my friend - yes, that's why he knows what methods really work, and what don't work. He said, that this method helped him a lot, and if you, buddy, have any problems with drugs, you may pass it with no problems ;)

David N | 25 maggio 2019

There’s a reason why companies want drug tests done.
In regards to previous post about faking a urine test, Instead of cheating and lying to get employment consider giving up the drug attraction and set yourself free from that nasty stuff.

rxlawdude | 25 maggio 2019

California has a pending bill that will make possession of drug masking products illegal.

That said, testing for cannabis is extremely prejudicial because it proves nothing other than use in the last month. It is not indicative of intoxication.