Driver Position?

Driver Position?

Hi guys
I wondering to know, in USA, the rules of the driver position is in the left (right-driving rules). Then, the driver position in some other countries, is in the right (left-driving rules). Is it can, when i order in the "left-driving rules" countries? Such as in England. And are you will make it the driver position to the right?


dani.videda | 26 maggio 2013

PS: Iam new to other countries (import) car :)

dborn | 26 maggio 2013

Right hand drive is scheduled for later this year. In Australia it is not legal to drive a left hand drive car.

Lessmog | 26 maggio 2013

Need a guy with a red flag walking in front too? Or a bag of hay in case the horse gets hungry? Speed limit 20 kph so as to avoid passenger nose bleeds? :-)

dani.videda | 26 maggio 2013

Ok guys, thanks for your answer.. :-)

alcassfast | 26 maggio 2013


Do they still put signs on the back of left-hand drive cars...

"Caution Left-hand drive!"