dual-charger without HPWC

dual-charger without HPWC

I've noticed that the dual-charger option for S is now bundled with HPWC.
While it may make sense for the first time tesla buyers, it doesn't if you already own one and have an HPWC.
I wonder if you can opt out of it but still order the car with dual-chargers.

Gizmotoy | 8 ottobre 2013

I was told that I'd have to take the HPWC if I wanted the dual chargers. I considered just selling it, but decided it wasn't worth the hassle.

Others have said Tesla would let them buy the bundle and later return the HPWC for a full refund, but I was told this was not possible.

So, I'd try asking Tesla and see what they say. I'd imagine they'd want to make a repeat buyer happy.

Andrew_OH_S60andS70D | 8 ottobre 2013

It's my understanding that you need twin charger capability in order to take advantage of the CHAdeMO chargers. Since Tesla will shortly be selling a CHAdeMO adapter, I would think they would unbundle twin chargers from the HPWC.

Bighorn | 8 ottobre 2013

Twin chargers are NOT necessary for CHAdeMO as it's DC.

tes-s | 8 ottobre 2013

@Andrew - I don't think twin chargers are needed for CHAdeMO, but supercharging must be enabled.

crmohler | 8 ottobre 2013

I just called Tesla two days ago to ask this very question regarding the S60 I'm purchasing. The answer is no, you can only order the dual chargers with the HPWC.

Captain_Zap | 8 ottobre 2013


I think that should be changed. We are on the verge of putting a deposit on a Model X.

PapaSmurf | 8 ottobre 2013

For the Model X they will have to make dual chargers and HPWC different options. There are simply too many Model S owners that already have the HPWC.

Most homes cannot handle even having two HPWC on their power panel. It would really be unwise to force owners of both models to waste $1,200 like that. That would just be getting their best customers upset for no good reason.

Gizmotoy | 8 ottobre 2013

@JamesM: Hell, I'm upset for no reason. I'm in an apartment building and thus can't install a HPWC. However, there are a handful of 70A+ chargers in the area, and if I travel up through the Pacific Northwest or into Canada there are a ton of them. For futureproofing it might not have been a bad option to tick, but not if I also need to buy a HPWC I can't use.

Pungoteague_Dave | 8 ottobre 2013

They unbundled it for me as I already have two HPWC's and am ordering a second S. It isn't shown that way on the configurator, but they will do a delete of $1,500 for the HPWC. There are other things that are off the configurator that TM will do on request, such as deleting air on a P.

unclegeek | 8 ottobre 2013

If you push the issue, I believe they will work something out. Escalate if you don't get the answer you want.

PapaSmurf | 8 ottobre 2013

Yeah, I believe they would likely delete the HPWC for you if you really escalate this and have a good reason. Gizmotoy being in an apartment building with no HPWC location possible is likely a good enough reason.

lammersc | 8 ottobre 2013

I had checked the "Specs" on J-1772 Level-2 chargers in the past, and they are supposed to be able to handle up to 80 Amps. I would think that more and more of these will start showing up over the years, and more vendors will start providing the higher power stations as demand increases. This would make sense for a MS owner to have a twin charger without needing a HPWC for their home. TM should work something out for you.

Gizmotoy | 8 ottobre 2013

@Pungoteague: No air on a P is on the Design Studio. Checking Performance causes no other changes, at least in the US.

It sounds like I could have kept calling and eventually gotten the answer I wanted. I got turned down both in the store and on the phone, so I gave up at that point. In any case, it's likely too late now. I confirmed a week ago.

sergiyz | 8 ottobre 2013

Well, there's another problem with HPWC advertising 80A and then the car limiting it to 60A because of some issue with no fix available (since they started shipping them).
I've never actually experienced the problem, but other owners did, so now I have to manually adjust it to 80A every time, that is annoying.
I do like the high current charging since it's (significantly) more efficient.

Alex K | 8 ottobre 2013

@sergiyz | OCTOBER 8, 2013: Well, there's another problem with HPWC advertising 80A and then the car limiting it to 60A because of some issue with no fix available (since they started shipping them).

All newly (in the last few months) shipped HPWCs have new 200A fuses, which means they can charge at 80A. Older HPWCs can be upgrade for free to 200A fuses. The forced 60A charge rate has been removed in V5.0+ of the software.

Brian H | 8 ottobre 2013

Donate to someplace useful.

TMCproud | 12 ottobre 2013

Once I received my HPWC but realized it was not practical for my set-up/usage/etc... Tesla agreed to refund fully the HPWC for me. They sent me the check even before I shipped the HPWC back to them...

Roamer@AZ USA | 12 ottobre 2013

You can set the HPWC TO whatever amp draw you want. Set up two at 40 each if you don't have the power and leave your charge cord in the car.

Charge cord is $650. Why not use the HPWC as your home charger and leave the charge cord in the car.