E filing of Federal rebate now available.

E filing of Federal rebate now available.

The IRS announced yesterday, 3/3/13, they where ready to except all tax forms that were delayed because of the 12/31/12 tax changes made by congress.

Depending on the software used you may need to wait for an update to the software before filing. This should happen quickly. The sofware I use, Taxwise by CCH, was update at 11 am EST this morning.

There was a note that on 8936, (the form for the $7500 credit) it could be e-filed with only one car. If you are claiming a credit on more than one car it looks like you will have to paper file your return.

Happy refunds to everyone.

olanmills | 4 marzo 2013

Thanks for the update. I hope Turbo Tax is ready now.

olanmills | 5 marzo 2013

Turbo Tax still won't e-file for me.

olanmills | 7 marzo 2013

TurboTax is working now. However, if you had previously entered your EV for the tax credit, you need to delete it and re-add it in order to get the e-file to work successfully.

Before the recent update, if you entered an EV for the credit TurboTax filled out a worksheet behind the scenese incorrectly, and now that they fixed up their software (partially) it's not smart enough to correct it or even allow you to correct it. However, you can just delete your entry and re-add it and it will work fine.