Electric vehicle that never requires charging is in production.

Electric vehicle that never requires charging is in production.

If AuroraTek can build this self charging electric vehicle, then surely Tesla can build an electric car that self charges while driven.

If you are curious about how it works, here are some technical details.

Remnant | 23 aprile 2015

Have you tried this out?

What do you think about it?

ElaisaKasan | 23 aprile 2015

I will post an update here when I receive my vehicle.

Homebrook | 23 aprile 2015

It doesn't pass the smell test.

wayne | 23 aprile 2015

ROFL. What a load of crap. The guy specializes in Time Travel devices!

Rocky_H | 23 aprile 2015

There is also a post on the Electric vehicle forum on Facebook about a product called Regen-X, which is another perpetual motion scheme that supposedly accelerates the vehicle, rather than deccelerates it, while it also generates electricity to recharge the batteries.

Timo | 23 aprile 2015

Sounds like a scam. Well done scam it looks like.

Dramsey | 23 aprile 2015


If AuroraTek can build this self charging electric vehicle, then surely Tesla can build an electric car that self charges while driven.

Yeah, well, you see, AuroraTek can't build a self-charging electric vehicle. Because that would be perpetual motion. And that's impossible.

Oh, I see: he has a quantum energy generator. C'mon: after centuries, nay, millenia of failed perpetual motion schemes, nobody in the 21st century would be ignorant and credulous enough to buy this bullshit.

Sigh. Or so I'd hope. But there will always be morons like ElaisaKasan around, I suppose, to keep scammers like this going. Please, ElaisaKasan, send him $1495 for his self-charging electric scooter and be sure and let us know how it works.

science-isbetter | 23 aprile 2015

Hold on to your wallet.

This product says it is "Powered by patent-pending SmartPAK / SFT technology - no electric cost."

If by that they mean the battery is charged by the deceleration of the thing, then no soap. You might give them the benefit of the doubt and suppose it is powered by solar? It also says, "No gasoline required." I guess it could be powered by some kind of heat transfer. Fusion? Fission? I doubt all of those. Realize that entertaining any and all explanations for this device is simply a matter of keeping an open mind.

As to patent pending, I did a patent office search for patent applications assigned to AuroraTek and did not find anything. Also did a search for an inventor by the name of William Alek, the company's CEO. Also did not find anything.

Doesn't mean it doesn't exist...I just couldn't find it and this whole thing is very, very unlikely. Certainly not perpetual motion.

Also searched for "SmartPak" (its power source) and found: "ATHLETIC UNDERGARMENT AND RIDING BREECHES HAVING SAME" Well, maybe.

Finally, the United States Patent and Trademark Office will not patent a perpetual motion machine ("not useful"). See:

Ralph_G | 23 aprile 2015

Thane Heins

I've spoken to him shortly after his phone was no longer in service.

ElaisaKasan | 23 aprile 2015

You guys need to study more:

ElaisaKasan | 23 aprile 2015

“This really is the greatest story never told” says Dr. Greer, “Once people understand that classified projects have figured out how UFO’s operate, they will realize we no longer need oil, coal and nuclear power. This is the truth that has driven the secrecy.”

ElaisaKasan | 23 aprile 2015

The technical literature in the original post explains how the device works.

A very simple one sentence explanation is the energy induced in a coil by a magnetic field is related to the rate of change of the field, not the energy required to create it.

How do you think those ETV fly around on their own? They don't use petrol.

More info:

Disclosure Briefings - Start Here

Part 1 thru 17 - Introduction to New Energy Solutions

What's really going on (Part 1/4)

2015 International Congress Full Documentary

The Crossing Point - FULL

Dramsey | 23 aprile 2015

Oh, so that's it: they've figured out how UFOs operate, and so they've applied the infinite energy technology hitherto hidden by a Vast Government Conspiracy electric scooter thingie.

And it must be real, because YouTube videos!

A very simple one sentence explanation is the energy induced in a coil by a magnetic field is related to the rate of change of the field, not the energy required to create it.

It's so cute watching people who couldn't define a "volt" without looking it up in Wikipedia try to sound as if they know what they're talking about.

You guys need to study more

Uh huh. Listen, why don't you try calling Tesla and seeing if you can interest them in this? I'm sure they'd love to hear about it.

Timo | 24 aprile 2015

What is an ETV? Extra Terrestrial Vehicle? Like Mars Rover?

Timo | 24 aprile 2015

It is a scam designed to fool gullible people. I bet that website disappears pretty soon with no money returned.

Here is a good link about the guy behind the site:

So maybe he's just delusional more than criminal.

FREE ENERGY | 24 aprile 2015

Dramsey, please crack this one, Prof. Rick Dollard

He is good, very very imperessive indeed.

Brian H | 24 aprile 2015

Fools congress. AKA Teddy Bears' Picnic?

Watt fun | 24 aprile 2015

You know those buttons that glow in the dark on your TV remote control without using batteries? I just had a brilliant idea! With the right focusing and concentrating mirrors (patents pending) at the near sub-atomic levels, we can make Stadium Lighting that never needs electricity or charging or batteries! Kickstarter campaign page is going up any second now. Join me; lets make trillion$ together in days!!!

Mr. Watt Zapp
boy inventor

Dramsey | 24 aprile 2015

Phi, I am not going to sit through a one-hour Youtube video to pick holes in some whacko's "free energy" speech. Life is too damn short to waste it like this.

Charlatans and fools have been trying to convince us that free energy/perpetual motion exists for literally thousands of years. They have never, ever been right.

Physics principles including such little gems as the Second Law of Thermodynamics have served as the foundation of human progress for centuries. We've gone to the fucking moon, peered through the Universe back to the dawn of creation, and created computers so cheap and powerful that everyone now routinely carries gigaflop-capable machines with them everywhere. We don't understand everything, but we've got a really, really good handle on the whole "conservation of energy" thing.

But for some gullible morons, this isn't enough. No, there has to be some way-- be it forbidden technology gleaned from UFOs, divine inspiration, or just some really clever thing that nobody's ever thought of before-- to get that free lunch.

Some people need to be savagely beaten and forcibly sterilized.

Dramsey | 24 aprile 2015

And we get these idiots here all the time. Some of them even claim to have invented their own perpetual motion machines, and in a short amount of time, THEY WILL SHOW US ALL.

Remember headgonoinc? We're still waiting for his "charge while driving" machine, which he swore he'd show us in March (we're still waiting). He had YouTube videos, too. And let's not forget jgreelis and his magic teleportation idea. Or fastwalker. Or the others. Like Phi and now ElaisaKasan.

"Against human stupidity, the Gods themselves contend in vain."

Rocky_H | 24 aprile 2015

People confuse things. Some think that over unity generators and perpetual motion haven't been invented YET just because no one has figured out how. That's not it. It is absolutely completely understood and provable precisely why those types of things CANNOT exist.

Frank.B.Smith | 24 aprile 2015

I would be interested in their time travel device so that I could jump ahead and order my Model 3 already. :)

wayne | 24 aprile 2015

Ya, put me down for a time travel unit too, I want to lay some serious cash down on the Patriots in last year's SB.

carlgo2 | 24 aprile 2015

Sorry. I am an investor and licensed user of this technology and have already moved the line so far that you will need a ton of betting money to win anything much at all. You can go back in time and see this on the news. Vegas is quite shaken and I am in hiding for obvious reasons.

adrian.l.savu | 24 aprile 2015

Way to go Timo !!

I repost the link. It is relevant to the subject. :)

DTsea | 24 aprile 2015

This is so hilarious. Guy invents PPM- if true most significant invention EVER- so of course uses it to power a SCOOTER!


Watt fun | 24 aprile 2015

Two for the price of one. ElaisaKasan and Virtuatec. Better than The Onion and Fake Science.

ArcticStream | 24 aprile 2015

The Toyota Prius already has a system on board that charges the on-board battery while driving. And there is a development of solar panels to act like a skin, I am sure someone from this awesome company is already working on it.

floydboy | 24 aprile 2015

I see no reason for ridicule guys. It's a well known fact, that SFT(Suckers For the Taking) technology has vastly improved, and ranks as one of the most efficient methods of wallet emptying that exist.
Nearly matching the efficiency of the TAYS(Take All Your Shi#) system currently in use by mega church pastors.

grega | 24 aprile 2015

The good thing about these things is that beyond some cursory comments, it's okay to say to the supporters "it's okay, if this is true it'll revolutionise everything, so I can wait a year and if he's not just trying to dupe people into giving him money, I'll see the completed product".

ElaisaKasan | 25 aprile 2015

Here are some working examples:

Free energy Akula video #3 translated by Wesley

a k u l a 0 0 8 3- Free Energy1150W part2

a k u l a 0 0 8 3- Free Energy750W no battery no ground

Tesla's Primary Energy Source

The Real “Energy Problem”

Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices - eBook

Brian H | 25 aprile 2015

Watch the pea ...

Dramsey | 25 aprile 2015


It doesn't matter how many YouTube links you post that purport to demonstrate "free energy".

It's still impossible.

You pathetic, deluded fool.

astrothad | 26 aprile 2015

YOU get a Boltzmann! And YOU get a Boltzmann! EVERYBODY who posts about perpetual motion gets a Boltzmann!

*sigh* How much energy did I just waste posting this?

Dramsey | 26 aprile 2015

Whee! I got a Boltzmann! Mom will be so proud...

FREE ENERGY | 28 aprile 2015

N.Tesla did it :-)

Dramsey | 28 aprile 2015

No. Tesla didn't do it. Weirdos and conspiracy theorists claim he did, but many decades later have been unable to produce any actual proof.

DTsea | 28 aprile 2015

Dramsey +1.

Phi -%

Remnant | 28 aprile 2015

@ Dramsey (April 25, 2015)

<< It's still impossible. >>

Well, they tell you, you have to achieve negative efficiency by quantum tunneling through Einstein's Theory of Relativity.

It's all in your mind, you see. You just think it, if you understand the procedure, of course, and it comes true, at zero space-time, like the Big Bang.

Mind power, man, it's mind power all the way. ElaisaKasan has it, we don't.

Timo | 28 aprile 2015

Einstein's Theory of Relativity doesn't say anything about negative efficiency, nor it says that it is possible. Negative energy OTOH is something related to Einstein's Theory of Relativity.