Elon Musk calls Fisker Karma 'a mediocre product at a high price' ;)

Elon Musk calls Fisker Karma 'a mediocre product at a high price' ;)

olanmills | 22 agosto 2012

Yeah, I read this interview because Tesla tweeted the link.

I do was kind of surprised by the blunt language Elon used regarding Fisker. I was also surprised by how measured and diplomatic Fisker's response was.

However, I definitely agree with Elon. I think what he said about the Karma can be easily seen. The solar panel is a great example. It seems cool, but it's practicality is almost 0. The UI is another good example. It's very stylish, but has poor usability.

I have never liked the way the Karma looked, and I was always so baffled that there's an almost universal approval of the design. I think it looks quite funny. It looks to me like what a car might look like if a cartoonist was asked to draw a car that looked funny but not outlandish.

I smiled when I read that "Mexican Bandito" comment. I too always thought that the grille looks like a funny mustache, but I would have never decribed it as a Mexican Bandito caricature, lol.

I do like some of Fisker's design though. The Fisker Sunset has these really cool zippered pockets in the doors. It's something simple and small, but I also think it's pretty inovative and would be really useful.

Brian H | 22 agosto 2012

Heh. Style vs. substance. Elon sez Fisker is all surface, no depth.

MatthewB | 23 agosto 2012

i think elon was being pretty nice. the fisker karma is a piece of garbage. the value is just awful.

Vawlkus | 23 agosto 2012

I agree with Mathew, I'd be considerably less complimentary of Fisker than Elon was.

Brian H | 23 agosto 2012

He does comment that Fisker farmed out all the engineering work, and just did the skin and interior styling, and that it didn't work out too well. And that there was basically a 2+ -seater capacity and storage crammed into a large sedan body. ;)

Joshua Burstyn | 23 agosto 2012

Unfortunately it does seem like Fisker spent much more time worrying about the look of the car than the functionality. Based on my internet readings and the dreadful consumer reports review I'd say Elon is right!

Timo | 23 agosto 2012

It's bling, and as such it sells to people that want to be seen. Like celebrities and like. Also for people with insufficient manhood.

olanmills | 24 agosto 2012

I saw for the first time, a Karma in the wild today on the freeway, and I think Timo's comment applies to the driver, lol.

I actually see Karma's all of the time because Fisker has this sad little dealership near my work, and they always park one of their cars at this nearby high-end shopping mall to make it look like it's the hot new thing, but I have never seen one actually driven by a new owner until today.