Elon Musk on new Stephen Colbert Late Show 9-9-15 @11:35pm EST

Elon Musk on new Stephen Colbert Late Show 9-9-15 @11:35pm EST

Elon Musk is scheduled to be on the new Late show with Stephen Colbert on September 9, 2015 @11:35pm EST, which will be his second show. I look forward to Elon's comments about the soon to be released Model X, updates on model 3 and on the gigafactory, among the other significant topics he might discuss such as Space X. I wonder if Mr Colbert will keep the same light hearted interview style he had in his last show. Just wanted to make sure everyone knew about Elon Musk's upcoming television appearance.

ian | 11 settembre 2015

My wife and I thought it was pretty funny too. At least Elon's segment. I wasn't sure about the Gengis Kahn hat segment at first but ended up liking that too. Missed Scarlet Johansen but have it on the DVR.

Red Sage ca us | 11 settembre 2015

Oh, yeah... I loved the fuzzy hat segment!


ken | 14 settembre 2015

Here is my two cents! By far the best part of that show was Scarlet Johansen, as has been said by several others. However, my problem with Colbert and his style of funny, after all it is a comedy show, is it is very easy for me to compare him to the comedian Groucho Marx and his "You Bet Your Life" show in the 50's. He, like Colbert, always gets his laughs at the expense of his guests. The duck hanging down with the "secret word", and the hat segment were funny, Groucho and Colbert were not. Just my opinion.

grant10k | 14 settembre 2015

In Colbert's defense, he makes sure the guests all know what they are getting into. He tells them behind the scenes his comedy style and give advice for how to respond to it. He makes fun 'at their expense' but they are well aware of that going in.