European Options in US Vehicles?

European Options in US Vehicles?

Anyone have any idea when the EU options (parking sensors, security system, etc) that are available in the EU version of the MS be available for order for US vehicles? Does anyone know if the EU version is built in Fremont or elsewhere. Seems a bit odd that TM is not offering the same options as in the EU especially for relatively simple yet much desired options such as sensors.

negarholger | 11 maggio 2013

Why do you think that is odd? Maybe TM can not get enough parts in time. Parking sensors are definitely more important in Europe because parking spaces are much more tight then in the US.

mark_g | 11 maggio 2013

I think its odd if they are building the EU cars in Fremont, an EU car with sensors and a US car next in line without even the option is odd.

dirk.saenen | 12 maggio 2013

AFAIK, the EU-cars are completely build in Fremont.

Only the battery - and perhaps some other 'loose' parts like doors, wheels, seats - will be joined together with the body in Tilburg (NL), in order to lower import-taxes.

NO-cars will be assembled completely in Fremont, and shipped directly from there, as there are no import-taxes on EV in Norway (NO not being a part of the EU).

BTW : although I would not like it, this does prove that main battery-swap is possible.

Brian H | 12 maggio 2013

It has always been clear that it is possible, and designed for, but the economics are prohibitive. Companies that have tried it have gone to a Better Place.

jkirkebo | 12 maggio 2013

My guess is that the EU options will be available on US cars as soon as the EU cars enter production. Probably all the parts for the packages are not ready yet, offering them now will probably disrupt productions as quite a few people would want to postpone production of their cars to get the new packages. Easier to wait and not offer them until they are production-ready.